Hello world!

This is my first post!  it has been a long time that i am contemplating on blogging to document my progress as a late bloomer in running… i actually started to love running after my first race  in the pasig river run last february of 2008.  after that affair, i fell in love with running and i keep on joining almost all weekend races . . . not to mention that i was able to influence my husband and three kids. . . we are now running as a family


4 responses to “Hello world!

  1. No wonder I couldn’t go to your site. You transferred to wordpress pala. Yong original mo was Blogger. I was about to ask you about this but it’s good that you mentioned it in my blog. Thanks!

    Kung late bloomer ang tawag mo sa sarili mo, ano kaya ang itatawag mo sa akin hah hah …?

    I am happy that you are running as one happy family–something I will never get the chance to enjoy. You are so blessed, meek runner. Hey, what’s your first name?

  2. yah…i moved to wordpress…it took some time before i started blogging because i have this misconception that blogging is for young gen only…but you and the bald runner inspired me…

    thanks for your nice words… i am really blessed… with so many things to thank the Lord for… and to have a new friend in you…

    btw, i am anna.

  3. Hi meek runner, saw your post at nora’s blog I thought I’d drop by. Great to see how your running was turn into family weekend affairs and that you’re blogging it. It’s amazing to see how running and blogging goes well together, I use my blogging as motivational tool on my slow days.

    Just curious though, what do you teach?

    And nice blogging! and hope to bump into you at the races.

  4. hi gene, thanks for the visit.

    after running there’s a rush of “endorphins” that i have to release, so i am using a part of it in blogging…hahaha…do i make sense?

    i am a part time accounting prof…

    hope to see you soon…

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