Cheating Marce

Yesterday tropical storm “Marce” gained more strength over the sea, threatening to bring stormy weather over the northern tip of Luzon, while Metro Manila was cloudy with scattered rain showers and thunderstorms.

But, i was able to cheat on her and enjoyed my afternoon run along Manila Baywalk.  I never thought i can still insert running in my busy day not to mention the unpredictable weather.  Early in the morning, my spirit was dampened because i cannot run as Marce intervened and hindered my original plan.  However, as patient and meek runner that i am, i have to be true to my name, i have to find time to run after office or before attending to my previous commitments with other friends and baddicts.

I made it… it was a slow and steady run to perk up my body which was run-free for the last three days… it was my first run for the week… i was able to cover 6.48 km as per my Garmin…

i hope i can run again Thursday…


2 responses to “Cheating Marce

  1. Hah hah … dalawa na tayong humarap ng buong tapang kay Marce. We should run together, although I doubt if I could pace with you. Maybe, during your easy runs pwede akong sumabay.

  2. tagumpay naman tayo, di ba? congrats, friend!

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