Should I run when I am sick?

It has been two days that i am bothered by this cough and cold… and much that i wanted to do my morning run, i simply cant. Nevertheless, i packed my running kit and brought it to the office as i am thinking that towards the afternoon i will feel better and can squeeze my favorite activity in my hectic work life…

By mid day, i came across the article by Marc Bloom wherein he mentioned that David Nieman, PhD, who heads the Human Performance Laboratory in Appalachian State University and has runs 58 marathons and ultras, uses the “neck rule”. Symptoms below the neck (chest cold, bronchial infection, body ache) require time off, while symptoms above the neck (runny nose, stuffiness, sneezing) don’t pose a risk to runners continuing workouts.

With this as my motivation and as i am beginning to feel well, what do you think did i do? well… i embraced that precious moment to indulge in my afternoon run… with Manila Bay sunset as my silent partner…and i felt much much better…


3 responses to “Should I run when I am sick?

  1. Hope your condition didn’t worsen after this afternoon run.

  2. no, it did not! actually i recovered fast…maybe its psychological…what do you think?

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