i feel light and better now… the reason? i got to run back to back last weekend with minimum of 1 hour each day… wohooo…thanks ofel, you cooperated and did not bother us here in metro…

i was able to enjoy my morning runs in the “road to nowhere”…hahaha… its been the longest time that our family and other runners/walkers in the south are enjoying that road from sucat to las pinas without knowing that it will one day be a celebrated road…its a two way cemented/concrete road measuring 2km wherein walkers and runners converged every morning especially during week ends and holidays…

with the controversy in the senate, i can feel that the road will now be opened to vehicles thereby limiting the runners/walkers access to the main road… we might be asked to use the sidewalk instead…with this we can no longer run/walk feeling safe and secure as passing vehicles might hit us, the smell of fresh grass will now be a thing of the past as pollution will also set in… but one thing is sure… runners will still remember this road that’s been home to runners for some time…and i wont stop running despite this development…


4 responses to “back2back

  1. How come I don’t know about this road? My runs are confined within the perimeters of Philamlife Village park. I only get to run on the road during races.

  2. well, you can give it a try…the road is still closed to vehicles…so walkers/joggers/runners can enjoy it up to the fullest…

    … tomorow morning i have a date with hubby there…well have a short 4km run before going to work…

    i hope you to see you there…

  3. I wish I could join you but have to attend to the needs of my 11-yr old son and 9-yr old daughter with Down Syndrome. I guess sa KOTR na tayo magkikita.

  4. that’s fine, family first! i salute hands-on mom like you.

    at any rate, you can get there anytime you are free naman…but for us, we are usually there every tues, thurs, sat & sun morning. on the first round, we are running together but on the succeeding rounds to each his own na kami…hahaha

    btw, you can park your car in front of the golden haven gate. happy running!

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