busy october

i love this month as this is our wedding month and by the 12th, hubby and i will be celebrating our 22nd year of togetherness…

more than that, i also look forward to this month as there are lot of weekend races lined up for weekend warriors like us… the family registered in the Takbo! Breast Friends on the 5th, Adidas King of the Road on the 11th, and New Life – OctobeRun Festival on the 26th. We cannot decide yet if we will join any of the races on the 18th and 19th because we are planning to celebrate our anniversary with the kids in Tagaytay Highlands.. hopefully this will push through without any hitches

lets see…by the way, i posted here my race bibs for three races we are joining…

my race bib in the takbo! breast friends

my race bib in the takbo! breast friends

my race bib for oct 11
my new life race bib

my new life-october run festival race bib


10 responses to “busy october

  1. Happy 22nd Wedding Anniversary (advanced!). What distance are you running in the Octoberun? 5k or 10k?

    Hope you’ll join the Kabahagi ako Fundraising run for Peace for Mindanao this Nov. 9. Registration now open at ROX.

  2. i will register…actually i already filled-up the forms for the family, i am just waiting for opportune time to submit them…and hopefully we can run before going to laguna on that day…got busy week ends

  3. as to octoberun, we registered in the 5k only…i am giving myself until january to prepare for the 10k…i hope i can make it by Feb 09…

  4. Di ba tumakbo ka na ng 10k on your 45th bday? Let’s run 10k this Nov. 9.

  5. yes, i did 10k easy run last august, but i want my fist 10k race to coincide with my first year running anniversary… besides i already registered for the 5k with bib number 0053…

    go ahead run 10k on the 9th, i will be your cheerleader…

  6. 5k lang ako sa Nov. 9. My race bib # is 0059.

    10k can wait. No need to rush.

    No. 1351 ako sa OctobeRun. Hanapin mo ako ha.

  7. hi nora,

    talagang hahanapin kita sa oct 26…hahaha….

    ei, halos magkasunod race bibs natin sa nov 9 but i think i can’t make it…i have to attend the PREX which coincided with the BahaginanRun… i have to attend to my spiritual obligations this time . . .

    btw, we’re planning to run on the 31st…its a night race in the Fort, would you like to join?

  8. Ann, the PREX won’t start at 7 AM. You still have time to run Nov. 9.

    I’d love to join the haloween run but I can’t. Family obligations. Tatlo kasi ang papel ko sa mundo: Dakilang Ina, Ama, at Anak!

  9. nora,

    thanks for the info regarding PREX…i will figure it out, sana i can run on that day. . .

    it’s fine having many roles in life…it means more missions to do or for short, it means long life…long life to run till 100 yo . . . hahaha. . .

    enjoy every moment with your parents. . .you’re lucky to have them at your age… as for me, i don’t have mine anymore…my father was called by the Lord 15 years ago then my mother followed him 5 years ago…oh sad story na to… lets run na lang

  10. You may have lost your parents but you have gained 4 people who truly love you. Your husband and 3 kids who are also your running buddies.

    As for me, yes I am grateful that both my parents aged 84 and 74 are both alive and still ‘kicking’. Ayaw pa ngang magretire ng nanay ko! She stays in Pampanga the whole week because of her work kaya weekend lang kami magkita. That’s why I take care of my 3 kids, the eldest of whom is 83 yrs. old heh heh …

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