takbo! breast friends

i have many first in this race… the takbo! breast friends…  it was my first time to join the 5K race in pasig city. it was my first time to taste the super long and super steep danny floro (?) avenue. it was my first time to shout and complain during the race. it was my first time to be given water in plastic bag. it was my first time to drink tap water from mwss. it was my first photoop with coach rio.

the race was pretty lovely and enjoyable despite starting late. we were at the venue as early as 5am as it was announced that the race will start 5:30am but the opening ceremony took sooooo long. the warm-up exercise sponsored by the fitness first took more than 12 minutes. the speeches and demos on the self breast examination took another 15 mins…it was past 6am and we are still on the ground waiting for the announcement…when to start…huh

well, be patient, i whispered to myself… remember you are a meek runner… and true enough…after testing my patience for several minutes more …there we go… the exit from the ultra track and field was somewhat crowded and slippery but when we hit the pavement…it was the start of the good race… the water stations are strategically located however water is served in platic bags and cups… the marshals are helpful and polite… the route is very secured and safey is not a problem… but in this race i was able to shout as i cannot run in the very steep road along danny floro (?)…yes i was able to pass other runners but i keep on shouting and complaining… hehehe… that was also my first…i usually run silently…

lessons learned?…i need to practice some more particularly on the hilly and incline planes… hope to run in this route again..

i will add pictures later


5 responses to “takbo! breast friends

  1. Do contact me if you plan to run hills. Will have to include that in our training.

  2. Do contact me when you plan to run hills. We need to include that in our training.

  3. thanks… i really plan to run hills but i have no idea of its location…i am looking at my calendar but i can’t squeeze it this month…maybe next month?

  4. Sure. Let’s keep in touch.

  5. thanks a lot!

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