i love running!

i love running! no question about that…but from time to time i have to read books to ENHANCE and DEEPEN my relationship with this sport…let me share an excerpt from CHI RUNNING by Danny Dreyer, and i quote

“Let’s put it this way: I might sound like fanatic, but I love running.  It’s like having an old friend that is always there when I need a lift in spirits.  Once I get myself out the door, the world opens up,  no matter how hemmed in or bumped out I might be feeling.

Running gets you outside, and if you run all year long, it does a wonderful job of keeping you in touch with the changes of the seasons.

You know what else happens while I’m out there having the time of my life?  My heart gets stronger, my bone density increases, I burn a ton of calories, and my aerobic capacity improves. Not bad for a day of play.

It’s inexpensive and requires minimal gear.  You can run almost anytime and anywhere.  And there is nothing like a good run to clear your mind and put life’s problem into a more sane perspective.  When you travel to a new city, it’s a great way to learn the lay of the land and get intimate feel for your new surroundings.  One of my favorites, it’s a great way to cleanse my body of overindulgences.

You can also develop qualities from running that can be transferred into the rest of your life, like perseverance or consistency or willpower.  Maintaining a solid running program teaches you how to set goals and work toward them, how to develop strategic action plan, and how to use setbacks as lessons.  In fact, there is almost no situation in your life that cannot be approached and handled from what we learn about yourself through running.  Running can be a study of life itself.”

Do I need to say more?


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