For us 5k runners, we run for fun but we also need to hydrate despite this short distance…it was so frustrating that no water station was set up within the 5k route…and the water served at the finish line taste awful…

Except for that observation, the race was great! i love the route and i was able to do what i planned to do (easy run) considering that today is my 2nd day in my monthly mp…however, i got to do brisk walking when i was on my 3km mark as i felf a strange pain in the upper right part of my abdomen…i thought the pain wont get away so i said a little prayer and asked my Lord to help me… and Lo! and behold…i was able to run again holding my tummy and finished the race… with not a very good time but i am satisfied…

thank you Lord for the healing…thank you for this life…thank for all the blessings…

to celebrate our little victories, the fam proceeded to chowking for breakfast…whohooo

after crossing the finish line

after crossing the finish line

other pix


4 responses to “DRY KOTR?

  1. I wonder why we didn’t see each other? Kakalungkot naman. I was hoping see you there. Ang bilis mo siguro kaya di tayo nagkita.

    Are you joining the OctobeRun Festival?

  2. hi nora,

    sayang nga di tayo nagkita… mabilis ka kasi…i am 5 minutes behind you…i was bothered by my mp, next time sabay na tayo ha?

    the family registered in the paabilisan on the 19th and in the octoberun on the 26th, sana naman magkita na tayo dun…

    take care… happy running

  3. Hey meekrunner congrats! Looks like you’re guardian angel was running with you 🙂 Hehe, yeah, the water tasted a bit off but I was so pumped after the race I didn’t mind hehe. Good run you!

  4. Thanks, Gene. You are right, my guardian angel is running with me as always…….it’s a miracle how i was spared from what could be fatal condition when i was hit by a car while running/crossing the street last July…Hope to see you in the next races…are you joining paabilisan on the 19th? happy running…

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