Family Run

On the 19th of October 2008, the Botak 10-k Paabilisan will have one of its race series in the Fort…the family registered in the 5k race, instead of going out-of-town as originally planned. We are all excited to run together, considering that Unica Ija (my eldest), who is on semestral break from med school will be joining us again.  I think she is looking forward to release all the stress, tensions, and pounds she earned last semester.  My three other boys (hubby included) will compete against each other before my second child will move to his 10k next month… will my teens be able to beat the old man? … whatever… it will be a grand family run.

by the way, i got my singlet and race bib yesterday… you know what is remarkable? ……..jaran……… i fit into size “s” now… whohoo… this is TD and this is what i got from running……TD as in trimmed down…… hahaha


4 responses to “Family Run

  1. Wow! Size small? Incredible result we get from just running. Good luck to the whole family in your Oct. 19 Run.

    See you Oct. 26!

  2. thanks, nora… see you soon!

  3. Uy grabe naman, kina-career mo na yung weekend races 🙂 Baka naman it’s time for you to do longer distance, comfort-zone mo na yun 5K 🙂

  4. thanks gene,

    just a little more time…i’m taking it slowly but surely…hehehe

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