it’s hubby’s day!

As expected the runaholic family trooped to the Fort to join the Botak-Paabilisan this morning…my Buns despite citing a lot of alibis last night woke up without a single complaint to join us.

We left the house past 5 and but we were able to reach the venue by 5:45. As we were still parking, the national anthem was played and we heard the announcement that runners “ready”…but i still have to release some fluids so i have to line up in the portalets with only one dedicated for female runners…

As we approached the starting line, no one was around for us to check-in. When we asked the men manning the entrance, they responded that only 10k runners were allowed inside and so the family together with other 5k runners waited at the back of the cordoned area. When the gun fired and all the 10k runners left the holding area, they let us in only to find out that 5k runners should run together with 10k runners…the remaining runners were 3k runners…with that confusion, the family and other 5k runners ran even without check-in marks in our bibs, we have to to catch up with the official time … my oh my…i already lost my focus as i promised myself i have to improve my time now… but how could this be… well, i have no other recourse but to forget the official time and use my own garmin time…

As the race progressed, i started to enjoy the feel and was no longer bothered by the bad start…i already gained my momentum but i can recall three instances when we have to stop at intersection as the traffic aids would allow the vehicles/cars to cross the street first…i dont know …is this right?

When i arrived at the finish line, there was no long queue unlike in the KOTR , so i supposed there will be no additional minutes to be added in my time…

i saw hubby and the two kids waiting for me…i was told that hubby came in first in the family… whohoo…. he made it this time…he prevailed over the teens…this is his day…but where is Buns…oh maybe taking his own sweet time…with a lot of stories to tell later on…

2 responses to “it’s hubby’s day!

  1. Hey, getting stronger each race 🙂 Pretty soon, you’ll be including your time/pace in your post hehe.

  2. hi gene,

    thanks, i hope i will have the courage to post those numbers soon considering my age…hehe….

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