4th OctobeRun Festival

It was raining hard in LP this morning and although i heard my cellphone buzzing its alarm, i hesitated to stand up and prepare for the Octoberun. I waited for hubby to wake me up but he was sleeping tight after bowling for the whole day yesterday.

I prayed and told myself that if the rain will stop then we will proceed to the Fort to join the race otherwise i will just continue sleeping… after several minutes more, the rain stopped so i have no other reason but to stand up. I went to my children’s rooms and woke them up too. By 5:15am we were already on the road…

We reached the Fort 10 minutes before the start of the race…it was better than last week as the check-in ladies were very courteous and accommodating…the 10K runners were separated from 5K and 3K runners…the race per category started with an interval of 5 minutes each…the water stations were strategically located serving purified water…the route was challenging… the measurement was accurate…

At the start, i tried to pace with hubby but after 500 meters he increased his pace while i maintained mine…i tried to pace with Coach Rio and his trainee throughout the race…and it did well for me…

As i reached the finish line, hubby and the kids were waiting for me…this time my 2nd child Sam was the first in the family with unofficial time of 27+ minutes (whohoo), hubby followed him then my unica ija trailed behind them. My youngest was not able to run this time because he was sick yesterday but still joined us this morning to be our official photographer…

So how was the race? for me and my family…we all agreed that it was a great race!


2 responses to “4th OctobeRun Festival

  1. Congratulations, runaholic family!

    Sorry but I missed this run. Had to attend to my sick daughter (sigh…).

    I hope you join the VOS. See you there!

  2. thanks nora…i went around and tried to look for you before and after the race…so sorry to hear your daughter is sick…i’ll pray for her speedy recovery…take care

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