Secret Agenda

Last Wednesday, i was filled of excitement as i packed my things for our annual pre-planning to be held in Subic Bay Yatch Club (SBYC), not because i would be able to skip from my daily routine as this will be just another tedious work but i have this secret agenda of running before or after our sessions.

Day 1

We arrived in Subic past 6pm, we had our dinner in SBYC and we were invited to join the socials… but my room mate Raquel consented to my plea that we skip the socials to scan the vicinity of Mountain Woods Resort (MWR) where we were billeted while having a short run that evening. As we prepared to run, i got disppointed when i learned that the battery of my garmin was drained and i was not able to bring with me the charger…as a consolation, i told myself, i dont need this gadget this time for me to better appreciate the nature He created…so we proceeded with our run but agreed to limit it until 9:30 pm only.

Day 2

We woke up early and invited two other friends to join us…so the four of us tried to invade the hilly slopes of Kalayaan Heights…at first we all welcomed this challenging task especially climbing the Harder Street but we all confessed that our lungs will burst if we will continue our jog/run, so we resorted to walking up the hills after two rounds then look for some flat asphalt while enjoying the trees and cool breeze…we spent 45 minutes in this area

Day 3

The night before, I already arranged for a vehicle to service us in going to the Remy Field Oval, this time another close friend was recruited. At 5:30 am while waiting for the vehicle, the group decided to warm up by walking through the highway. After 15 mins, our service car arrived and brought us to the oval. As usual, i ran without my garmin but i used my ipod to perk me up… i was able to do 10 rounds and was not tired to do some more but my friends wanted to go back to MWR to do their morning rituals… so i cooled down and off we left the oval

Final Assessment

Secret agenda accomplished!

i also felt great as this running prepared me for our weekend race in Octoberun this Sunday…


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