Botak Surprise!!!

I was about to sleep but i noted that Botak Paabilisan Result was already posted in…so i have to delay going to bed a bit . . . . however, i felt sad because only 10k and 3k results are complete…the list for 5k is limited to winners only . .

well, i told myself i will just go through the list very briefly anyway my name would not be there. . . . but i can not believe my eyes . . . my name is included in the list of winners in my age category . . . i made it to the 3rd!!! whohoo . . .

i immediately informed hubby and the kids . . . i even asked them to read my name to be sure that i was not dreaming . . . hahaha . . . . i was so happy….they were also very happy for me. . . this is really a botak surprise . . .



6 responses to “Botak Surprise!!!

  1. Congrats for placing third. This calls for a celebration. 😀 cheeseburger… cheeseburger… cheeseburger…

  2. Thanks a lot, Jinoe! . . . hayaan mo pag nagkita tayo yung cheeseburger mo may fries, apple pie and upsize drinks pa…

  3. Wow! Congrats Anna! Hope to see you at the VSO.

    Simple lang sa akin — roast beef lang ng Dayrits hah hah . . .

  4. Thank you very much, Nora

  5. Hey galing naman, dapat hindi kana shy i-post yung award-winning race time mo hehe 🙂 Btw, sa akin kape lang ok na.

  6. Thanks Gene! Coffee? sure, i give you one pack from our Coffee Town

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