ISUZU Shake, Rattle & Run

I will always remember the Isuzu Shake, Rattle & Run held last night due to the following reasons:

First, it was my first time to drive my kids to the race, hubby was not able to make it because yesterday was one of the longest days in banking operation. Although, we had been in the Fort for past several races, i found it hard to locate the BHS. But thru prayers and perseverance, we were able to make it at exactly 6 pm for the on-site registration.

Second, my children registered for me (a reversal of role) while i was parking. They were informed that the on-site registration will be limited to 500 runners only in order to accommodate those who pre-registered. Luckily, my children were able to make it, thus we were issued race bibs with numbers 497, 498, 499.

Third, it was a funny and enjoyable run. The atmosphere was not competitive but entertaining. Runners wore different costumes as they run and play not being bothered by rain or wet pavement. I had several good laughs before, during and after the race. And as bonus for the night, we bumped and had a brief talk with the Bald Runner on our way to parking lot.

Fourth, we were able to get back home safe and sound with Krispy Kreme for hubby and buns.

Congratulations to the organizers…thanks for this experience.


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