Our November Races

After joining five (5) races last month, the family will participate in at least three (3) races this November. As of this writing, i have registered the runaholic family in VSO Bahaginan on the 9th, Lakad Laban sa Pekeng Gamot on the 16th, and 6th Animo! on the 23rd. My second child will have his first 10k race on the 9th. May the force be with him!!!

If not for the Confirmation of Buns scheduled on the 15th, we could have registered for the New Balance Power Race in Clark considering that we were given a privilege night coupon at Fontana Resort & Country Club (many thanks to Mr & Mrs T). Sayang! But its no use feeling sad because on that weekend we can still run as family in LLPG at MOA after complying with our spiritual obligation.

As always, there will be next time…but wait, there was a change of plan… the hubby asked if i am willing to run in the 10k on the Power Race and without even thinking i bravely said yes!  We consulted the kids and  both responded in the affirmative.  So it is final, we will join the 10k Power Race on the 16th…

That will be the first 10k for hubby, unica ija and me… i am super excited but at the back of my mind i have this monster fear inside me… to be honest i am afraid to run outside my comfort zone . . . whew . . .  i don’t know why am i feeling like this…. i don’t know how to muster a lot of courage but i hope and pray that i can finish this race within the curfew…


7 responses to “Our November Races

  1. Wuhoo! ang lupet naman (you are so cruel), from award-winning 5k run to 10k milestone. Hey, I’ll see you there and go easy on that 10k, you don’t want to leave hubby and the kids in the dust 🙂

  2. annalene, just relax and maintain your training pace during the race. start with a conservative pace and finish with your fastest pace. don’t forget to drink every water station. good luck and see you this sunday.

  3. Hi Gene,

    sa totoo lang . . . i know it will be difficult as first timer in 10k and in Clark but my simple goal is just to finish the race injury free . . . see you soon and thanks for the visit.

  4. Hi BR,

    thanks for your advise . . . i really need that . . . your words somehow reduced the jitters i have since i confirmed my registration yesterday . . .

    thanks for the visit too, see you again soon.

  5. hey! i didn’t know you took this seriously? my God! my boss, my mam anna is hitting the road running… well this is a good time for family bonding though….wa ako ma say dude…sabi nga sa affidavit..affiant sayeth naught…hehehehe…can you just do me a favor? will you please take extra care when you do your running..i’m sure you know what i mean…bye keep me posted..love yah!!!

  6. claire,

    thanks for the visit and thanks for the advise too.

    hey, would you like to join me in running soon? look at Mar, he regularly runs after work now and he is even preparing for Bataan Run.

  7. Wow….katuwa naman kayo family parang magbabarkada lang. Parang ang sarap naman sumali sa ganyan. Goodluck and take care.

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