Bahaginan FUNdraising Run is for Sam!

Coach Rio is one of the best if not the best race organizer. He promptly posts results immediately after each race. An act very considerate of his runners’ feelings. So last night, when we were browsing the Bahaginan FUNdraising Run 10K results, another blessing from running amazed me. . . . i was so delighted because my son in his first 10k race yesterday garnered two awards as follows:

First in his age group & Youngest Finisher

This is something to celebrate! The motivation and support given to him by his proud mom paid off. His father and siblings likewise felt victorious of his achievement. Who else would not be?

Sam after his great finish

Sam after his great finish

Sam's Time

Sam's Time



4 responses to “Bahaginan FUNdraising Run is for Sam!

  1. I was there before 5AM and stayed after the race for picture taking with the runner bloggers. Why didn’t we meet???

    Congrats to SAm. He truly deserve to win. And of course congrats to the proud mother!

  2. Thank you, Nora. I can feel we will now see each other this Sunday in Animo.

    I will be doing a 5k and I just hope i can cope up with your pace. Take care!!!

  3. Yes, Anna. Let’s meet before the race para sabay tayo start. By all means mauna ka na after that coz I’m sure peanuts na lang sa yo ang 5k!

  4. the meek runner

    hi Nora,

    I know you are doing 5k faster than me… don’t forget you are the reigning 5k age group Queen (remember the KOTR?)

    Basta, i will try to catch up with you but you can go ahead considering MOA is flat and that’s your forte.

    Good luck!!!

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