New Balance Power Race 08

The family joined the New Balance (NB) Power Race in Clark yesterday. It was our first 10k except for Sam who did his first try last week in VSO Bahaginan Run placing 1st in his age group and the youngest finisher.

Before the start of the race, i tried to heed the advise of the Baldrunner. I relaxed and prepared myself to start with my training pace. I also set a target that i know will be within my capacity so my goal is to finish the race in an hour and a half pain free.

The weather was fine and the race was very organized. There were markers along the route to lead the runners. The water stations were strategically located. The route was tolerable despite some small and long hills. The Lord, as good as ever, sent his two angels to me. First, i met one in the person of a man wearing a globe singlet with black knee support. He paced with me after my first kilometer until the 2.5 km mark. He led me very well until i moved faster toward the hilly part.

I was able to enjoy the whole race without forgetting to drink in every water station (another tip from the Baldrunner). I felt strong and i knew i can finish the race well. When i was about 2 km away from the finish line, i was tempted to walk because of tired muscle in my left leg. But, the more i walked the pain increased as if warning me of a leg cramp in the offing so i prayed again and asked the Sacred Heart of Jesus to help and save me.

At this juncture, another angel in disguise of a tall man came and paced with me. I was not able to ask his name. He told he was able to finish his 10K in Subic in 2 hours. I told him, this was my first 10k and i really wanted to finish this in 1.5 hours. When he asked me my time, he told me that we can do that together and he even volunteered to allow me to get into the finish chute first as he was confident i can beat my target. So we increased our pace and ran together.

In my final stretch, i also saw my youngest son, our official photographer for the day, preparing to take my shots so i decided to smile despite running fast. I was determined not to let go of this dream…never…and i did it. I was so happy as people in the finish line cheered for me and handed me my medal. I finished the race with unofficial time of 1:19 for 10.2km.

His blessings did not end there, i was able to meet BR and SF Runner, too. We talked and posed for a while. But one thing more, as i joined the family watching the coming of 25K runners, the MC called my Unica Ija’s name. She won 2nd in her age group. We ran together to the stage and i played a proud mom and photographer this time.

As i shouted Whohoo!!! there was a silent prayer in my heart thanking the Lord for His many blessings to us.

I can see the Finish Line!!!

I can see the Finish Line!!!

my unica ija

my unica ija in her winning form

Hubby about to finish his first 10K

Hubby about to finish his first 10K

Mission Accomplished! Happy together!

Mission Accomplished! Happy together!

with buns, our official photographer

with buns, our official photographer

my winners!

my winners!

hubby & meek

hubby & meek

the BR, my idol

the BR, my idol

awarding ceremony

awarding ceremony

winners in age group

winners in age group

Unica Ija with her challenger cum inspiration

Unica Ija with her challenger cum inspiration


12 responses to “New Balance Power Race 08

  1. Congrats to your unica hija. A family that runs together stays together. Hehehe.

  2. Hi Jinoe,

    Many many thanks!!!

    I think i am more jubilant than my kids, honestly we are running just to be fit and to bond regularly. Awards are just add-ons or bonuses only but can greatly motivate us to do better in every race. Nakaka-inspire!

    Thanks again. Btw, I was not able to find the booth last Sunday for the Visor. I will look for it in the Animo. Hope to see you!

  3. Congratulations to the whole runaholic family!!! Why didn’t we meet at the VSO?

    My race bib # is 0915 at the ANIMO. Pero 5k pa lang din ako. Look for me please!

    I can only imagine how proud you must be for the achievements of your children. Congrats again, Anna!

  4. hey, thanks for posting my picture as i reached the finish line. i am glad the whole family is having fun in running and the kids are getting honors & awards they deserve. i am really proud of you and for the whole family. keep on running and congratulations!

  5. Hi Nora,

    thanks so much… indeed i am so proud of my children…they are God’s blessings to me…not only because of their achievements or that they also enjoy what i love doing but i know they will be able to contribute something good to the community in their own little way in the near future.

    btw, i will look for you this Sunday, i will be doing 5K only. i hope i can cope up with your pace.

    Thanks again and happy running!

  6. Hi BR,

    thanks so much! your words and wisdom helped me a lot in conquering my first 10K in unknown route of Clark. i even shared your advise to the family and they benefited from that likewise. they are also your frequent site visitors. thanks for your kindness, too. you are really an idol and inspiration.

    take care always!

  7. Annalene, congratulations to you and your whole family! Wonderful and amazing family you have there – I hope to get my wife and kids to run too someday, just like yours.

    Your family is a role model.

  8. Thank you, Dindo…what an inspiring words for a mom like me…

    Parenthood is not that easy (trial & error din) and having our kids embracing our passion for running is a tall order but in time i know you will have your whole family running with you too…

    Take care and see you soon!

  9. Hi annalenemb! Wow, congrats to the whole family! I wish my kids grow up loving running too—and winning races just like yours. 🙂

  10. Thanks, Jaymie…what a marvelous feeling receiving a comment from the most popular runner blogger in town. I can’t believe it!!! I am elated!!! Thank you!!! Thank you very much!!!

    I know your wish for your kids to love running will come true as its enthusiasm is contagious.

    Take care! I hope to see you soon.

  11. Hey Annalene, congrats on you and your family. Grabe, ang galing naman ng family nyo. One of these days, I’m probably gonna read you and your family’s story in a magazine or Lifestyle pages. Congrats on your unica hija! great run and really hoping bump into you on December races. Have fun!

  12. Thanks a lot, Gene! It would be interesting and even flattering if they will feature us in a mag or Lifestyle pages but got no connection to the press…hahaha…

    Anyway, winning is just an icing to the cake…right now i can proudly say that we are happy, contented and enjoying the many benefits of running together.

    Thanks again. See you around soon!

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