NB Power Race First 10k Records

Based on the unofficial New Balance Power Race results posted by Extribe, it can be seen that the family registered on the last day of the extension period as results were arranged according to race bibs issued. Nevertheless, i was so happy we made it. We experienced many firsts in this race , including an acceptable 10k records as follows:

1786 Isidro Bautista, 45 1:04:03.8

1787 Annalene Bautista, 45 1:19:35.0

1788 Sid Bautista, 18 1:09:48.3 (PR 1:01)

1789 Faye Bautista, 21 1:03:28.7

With patience and perseverance, i hope we can do better next time.

i am also posting here my picture with the Running Icons (courtesy of BR – many thanks)

with SF Runner and Bald Runner

with SF Runner and Bald Runner


6 responses to “NB Power Race First 10k Records

  1. Hi Annalene. Congratulations on the PRs and nice meeting you. Definitely you did well as did your family. Also, thanks for the photo. Continued success. Please tell everyone hello for me and will see you in 2009!

  2. Congrats again, Anna! Buti na lang, di ako tumakbo ng 10k–kulelat sigurado ako. When I ran my very first 10k last Nov. 4, I finished it at 1:28:30!

    See you this Sunday! Meeting you will be the highlight of this race.

  3. Hello Wayne,

    Thank you! It was a great opportunity for us to meet someone as passionate as you are when it comes to running. Thanks for your kind words and motivation.

    I’ll look forward to seeing you again in 2009!

  4. Hi Nora,

    Thanks! I originally planned to do my first 10k in February 09 as highlight of my first anniversary with running. But turn of events paved for it last NP Power Race and i am glad i did it.

    Btw, i will scout the MOA this Sunday to look for you. Its about time we see each other.

    Take care!

  5. Hi Anna, good to meet you today at animo run. Best regards and see you more often.

    Vener – run unltd.

  6. Thanks Vener! Nice to meet you too!

    See you again soon.

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