Run in Canyon Cove

We spent our weekend in Canyon Cove Resort in Nasugbu Batangas. It was an opportunity to commune with nature and to run on its hilly terrain as well as along its shore. The place is perfect for outdoor people like us.

Sunday morning, Jun and I spent an hour running within the vicinity of the resort. As we were climbing up the hills, i can still recall how i crawled and almost gave up when we joined the Takbo Breast Friends in Pasig where i had an unforgettable experience moving up the steep portion of the route. That experience taught me to take on the challenge and to bravely try every hill coming my way. Just like in life, i have to face every obstacle with faith in God, determination, and hope that i can overcome every situation…

my first attempt to conquer the hills

my first attempt to conquer this hill

another try

another try

good run

good run

moving ahead

great view

my (running) partner for life

my (running) partner for life


4 responses to “Run in Canyon Cove

  1. Nice run indeed. Tama yan conquer the hills.

  2. Ganda!!

    All I can do is envy your running takes right now, I am presently in recovery mode from my recent Milo full. It will take out 3 – 4 weeks from my running itinerary. See you at Yakult.

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