Runnex Executive Classic

I decided that the Runnex Executive Classic will be my year ender race for 2008.  So, my partner Jun and I proceeded to UP Diliman Campus before 6:00 am.  While waiting for the race to start  we were fortunate to meet and chat for a while with the Baldrunner.  He was truly an inspiration and i hope he can push through with his plan to consider Rizal Memorial Oval as another venue for the Team Baldrunner’s training as it will be nearer for us runners living in southern part of  Metro Manila.

The race started at 6:30 am for 10K runners and 7 minutes after the 5k runners followed.  I was not able to run as fast as i planned to because of the Christmas breeze…i felt the cold air brushing my face and skin and i wanted to regret wearing the adidas singlet without a shirt underneath…the first kilometer was an uphill which got to test my patience at the early part of the route but i was determined not to walk…i told myself…you can crawl if needed but never ever walk…and that was an order!  Well, with great pride i can announce it here that i prevailed over that hill!

The race was very organized.  There were sufficient drinks and the marshals, although they were not saying words of encouragement to runners, were strategically located.  The freebies were great, i took pictures of them. I hope that the awarding was likewise successful because we were not able to wait for it so my partner can proceed to watch the dream match of Paquiao & dela Hoya in big screen.

Based on my Garmin i was able to shed some minutes from my previous races in UP Diliman.

me, Bald Runner, Jun

me, Bald Runner, Jun


freebies from Runnex

freebies from Runnex


Runnex Model?

Runnex Model?


11 responses to “Runnex Executive Classic

  1. Annalene. Congratulations on the run. Nice post and pics. Please say hello to Jun for me. Nice that the pacman won! It was worth watching on pay-per-view here.

    Take care and have a good week ahead!

  2. Thanks a lot, Wayne. I will surely tell Jun. As we all enjoyed that great match, we can also confirm that proper training and preparation will lead to good and successful fights, whether in boxing or in running.

    Take care always.

  3. Congratulations on your run! Looks like you’re on the way to great PRs.

    Hope to see you in future races. Keep on running.

  4. Great for you Anna, congratulations. PR na naman. Keep it up, its one of our barometer to push for more. See you again.

  5. Congrats Anna! Our hill run paid off already. When can we run together again? Perhaps after Dec. 14? We should really continue with our hill training if we dare conquer McKinley Hills come Jan. 18, 2009.

    • Hi Nora,


      Yes. we need to run and practice some more not only for our Jan 18 race but to burn the calories to be loaded this Christmas season, hahaha

  6. the meek runner

    Hi Vener,

    Thank you!!! I am really improving slowly but surely… the results were release a while ago and i’m 4th in my age category kaso up to 3rd lang may medal…hahaha… please extend my regards to Christy. Hope to see you again soon.

  7. congrats on your runnex run! Hoping to meet you and your partner in future races.

    • Thanks Bro J. Regular runs with our love ones are truly fulfilling. Regards to your swheart!

      Btw, the Baldrunner mentioned to us your enthusiasm in the Bald Runner’s Training… if not with the traffic and distance of our residence to Ultra, we could also join you there. Hope to see you soon.

  8. Congratulation Ana for the NEW PR!
    hmm, in order for me to reach ULTRA from my place, it needs three hours 🙂 i usually reach home a little over 11pm.

    Take care and hope to see you again!

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