Not Far From Target

When I started running last February 2008, my only goal was to shed some pounds, nothing else. I was not that eager to run but i was forcing myself so i can complement my gym activities.  However, as days went by, i learned to enjoy running.  I developed a deep relationship with it and even promised to embrace it even after my retirement age, God willing.

Last July 2008, i started serious running so i set this goal that by the end of the year i should be able to cover 360 kilometers.  Today, 14th December, i know i am not far from my target as i was able to already cover 351.19Km representing  97.55% attainment.  Although a lot of Christmas parties and various activities could interupt our running schedules, i am still confident that i can reach and even surpass my target before the end of the year.

For the year 2009, i am planning to set goals on both mileage and speed.


3 responses to “Not Far From Target

  1. Hey not bad. Dapat kasama na 21k sa mga goals mo goal next year? See you at the races next year and go easy on holiday handaans hehe!

  2. Kaya na yan. Run 500m in the morning and 500m in the evening for 9 days and you’re at it. Congratulations wohoo! Merry christmas to you and the family.

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