As I woke up this morning,  I felt lousy and irritable after attending various Christmas parties last night and sleeping for barely two hours only.  But as the day progressed, I was treated with so many good things to thank the Lord for.  

First, I was able to have a very productive and spirit-filled breakfast with my co-lectors.  The bonding was great and priceless.  I was able to learn a lot of good points from their wisdom of their age and experience.

Second, I was able to visit the Nike Factory Sale in Agility Center in Sucat.  I was able to buy my gifts (running shoes) for my only brother and my sister-in-law.  They both signified to start their walking/jogging/running  this coming year.  Do they still need to look for role model to get inspired?

Third,  I was able to attain my 360Km target.  Despite hectic holiday season, I was able to squeeze running into my day.  My husband and unica ija  even joined me in my night run.  I was so pleased and thankful to the Lord  as I was able to confirm again my old motto that if there is a will, there is a way.   

Finally, I was featured in the Runnex Homepage.  You can visit its site via www.runnex.org.  With this, I felt great and very much delighted.  I will treasure this  forever as I felt more motivated to run and to inspire others to try running which is the cheapest form of sports but can do a lot of wonders.   And as an icing to the cake, I was even tagged in that write-up as a Runnex Poster Girl (maybe in the seniors division, hahaha).  I want to thank Rene for his kindness and for choosing me to be one of the friends of Runnex.  I really love to be one.  Again, thank you very much, Rene.

So, isn’t this a great day?  Therefore, let me express my gratitute to the Giver of all these blessings, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,  the main reason to celebrate Christmas.  A blessed and joyful Christmas to all.


3 responses to “WHAT A GREAT DAY!!!

  1. Annalene………….asteeg! Congratulations. Happy Holidays and a properous 2009!

  2. Amen tita! Indeed despite of a difficult situation that we experience, there is only one thing that is certain, God will always be there for us and He will never fail to reward us as we seek Him!:D

    Ok ah malay mo tita magkatotoo maging front page ka ng isang sports magazine hehehe:D

    Maagang Merry Christmas sa inyong lahat:D pabati na lang din po kay tito, kay faye and to the rest of the family:D
    God bless!


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