Running with Elma

I came to realize that if our body  is so used to physical activities like running, you will crave for it no matter what the occasion is.  However, during Christmas season, we have to overcome some hurdles like fatigue, stress, parties and lack of sleep in order to run and be fit.   Determination will play a big factor to do some running  despite busy schedule.  

Yesterday, after getting at least five hours of sleep (my longest so far this Christmas season),  I was back on the road.  My husband and running partner for life was also with me.   On our way, I already planned to run longer than 5Km.  As we parked in front of the Golden Haven Memorial, we met Elma Naval, a runner and winner of many 42Ks during her prime.  My husband went ahead with his pace but I ran with Elma while chatting and talking about her life and her running experiences.  When we reached 7.01Km,  I have to beg off and part ways with her to answer the call of nature. 

This morning, we ran again and Elma was already there.  She joined me and we traced the same route we ran yesterday, meaning another one lap of 7Km with more tips, more stories and more sweat.  After two consecutive days of running,  I felt lighter now as if I was able to burn all the calories loaded during the holidays… and my weighing scale confirmed it!!!  Whoohoo!!!


3 responses to “Running with Elma

  1. I requested a bathroom scales for my wishlist during the company’s xmas party for the purpose of monitoring my weight during the holidays. So far so good.

    Running with a master ha. Share naman ang mga tips you got from her.

  2. Ang galing naman ng running buddy/pacer mo 🙂

  3. Happy New Year and a safe and injury free 2009!

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