No Singlet For Me

How important is a singlet? Almost all races are giving away singlets as part of the race promos. They are of different colors, materials, and designs.

For beginner, the singlet worn during race is a good motivator, a feel good thing, and a confirmation that “I belong” here. For regular weekend road warrior, it may not be as important as any of the so many running kits can be used. But whether the runner will use it, keep it or donate it, it does not matter anymore, what matter is —- if its part of the package then it should be given and given on time.

Yesterday, I was able to finally pick up our race packets for the PSE Bull Run but I was informed that we cannot have our singlets yet despite registering as early as November 2008. Out of 13 registration forms I submitted, I was able to get 4 singlets only. The organizer cannot commit the exact date of availability/delivery of singlets although the race is just three days away.

I thought my singlet frustration ended there, but I was wrong. When I proceeded to ROX to register for the Happy Run, the same scenario greeted me…the only singlet available is for my Buns… the rest of the family will have to follow up maybe next week as the guy manning the booth cannot also commit any date of delivery. He even suggested to get our singlets on race day which I do not want to do.

So, what I got yesterday?……no singlet for me!

Well, I think the organizers should address this problem soon so as not to waste the time and effort of going to registration centers several times to pick up the race packet and the singlet separately.


16 responses to “No Singlet For Me

  1. Hi Anna, its unfortunate that we runners are experiencing this kind of registration system, nakakapagod talaga. I wish the organizers are doing separate payments for those who would like to avail of the singlets, it should be a separate item, considering that running fees nowadays are getting stiff. For me what’s important now is the race bib number.

    See you at the PSE Bullrun.

    • Hi Vener,

      I think it will be best if options are given to runners…register with singlet or without, then adjust the fees accordingly.

      Well, see you this Sunday! Belated Happy Birthday!

  2. I agree that a singlet for beginners is a great motivator. When I ran my first race during Miracle Run the shirt design was done in good taste that it encouraged a lot of first timers to join. Even if we sometimes don’t wear the event singlet it’s always better to have one, and to have it before the race.

    Have a safe Bull Run!

  3. runnerforchrist

    Hi Anna, You’re still fortunate because in one of our runs last year (tnf 20 kms), one of my buddies still was not able to get his tshirt until this day.

    However, the organizer (tnf), corrected their mistake now by giving away their singlets ahead of time,and so last Friday,we were able to get that stuff. I think Vener is right, it should be a different item since registration fees are not cheap.
    God bless you in your race. Keep blogging and running!

  4. Anna, thank you very much for getting the race packets for mj and me! I thought Pablo will go to your office as he did before, when he got our payments.

    I’m also one of those runners who long to wear the required singlet for the race. Yes, I also want to feel the sense of belonging when I join a race. I know most runners don’t wear the race singlet, opting for their most comfortable running shirt.

    As for the PSE Bull Run singlet, it really is frustrating that it’s not yet available when in fact this run was organized since last year.

    Yes, I’m the lucky one ‘coz I already have the singlet. It fits me perfectly, but the sewing quality is the poorest so far. Some of the hemline stitches are already gone. And there are black smudges all over the singlet.

    • Hi Nora,

      you’re welcome… i will now put that singlet issue aside and would just enjoy our 10k run this Sunday!

  5. hi tita, salamat po sa comment. buti na lang nagmessage po kayo dito niyo na lang po ako i-email kasi po yung iba ko pong email add di ko din po masyado nabubuksan. Anyway, ano po ang currently lens na gamit niyo, STANDARD ZOOM LENS po yan diba i mean ano po yung range (18-55mm or 18-50mm, etc.) pag bumili po kayo ng lens ano pong purpose gusto niyo for portrait (telephoto), macro, landscape (wide angle, or paparazzi (joke lang). kasi bawat purpose po may katumbas na lens na ideal na gamitin.

  6. This looks to be a bad start for the 2009 races… hope the other parts of the race will be organized πŸ™‚

  7. You are not alone who experienced this race kit distribution problem from the organizers of the PSE Bull Run. I registered at PSE Ortigas on 6Jan09 and was told that race kit can be collected on 12Jan09 only to be told everyday from thenon to return the following day. My messenger tried to collect daily but to no avail only to be told today 16Jan09 that I can collect my race kit at the race venue on race day. I registered early so as not to be inconvenience in the hussle to collect race kits on the race day itself as we all know. This was the limit and I loss my cool. Finally after so much phone calls the race kit was found at PATAFA. The organizers I rate them as POOR in the registration aspect. Hopefully they can deliver better on other aspects of the Run itself. Make sure you join the Survey of after the Bull Run to assess the overall satisfaction rating of this run.

  8. Hi Anna. On the Happy Feet e-mail, I made a point that this race was on the schedule for awhile now. It’s unfortunate that this happened to you as well as the farce situation involving the Philippines Marathon. Fortunately, you have people such as Coach Rio and Bald Runner that can be of help.

    There was an issue at the NB Power Race regarding singlets and the issue was taken care of with some help from me. I agree with the runners who have written in to you on this. Please follow through because this needs to be stopped.

    Take care and good luck this Sunday!

  9. Hey Anna, yeah bummer, I kinda collect all my singlet/bibs, sorta like memorabilia for my runs. When I went there yesterday, they’ve run out of registration form, I thought bummer, first run of the year and I’m gonna miss it :-(. But it looks like they’ll allow runners who wasn’t able to register to still join the event as ‘guest’. So still good to go πŸ™‚

    Hey see you at the race!

  10. Hi!

    I also registered for the Happy Run, and haven’t gotten my singlet up to now. Have you gotten yours already? I’ve been following up R.O.X. to no avail. Thank you!


  11. Hi! We’re gearing up for the Botak 42K and 100k running events this May and June and we’d like to invite you to our running bloggers meet up sometime in April.

    If you’re interested, can you please send me your contact details thru so that I could coordinate the schedule with you.

    Thanks! And I hope to hear from you soon!

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