Yesterday, we had our Wellness Awarding Ceremony and TMR got her share of the limelight being a runner-up in the Badminton Ladies Doubles.

I was no longer hoping for this  because when I fell in love with running, I set aside playing badminton and had not been to the court for sometime.   But with this award, I came to my senses that I can still play my other sports bowling included for my cross-training.  

By the way, the euphoria of running the PSE Bull Run last week is still in my veins until now and my excitement to run again this weekend can be seen in our colorful Happy Run Bibs.  As to our Happy Run singlets, we were able to pick them up last Wednesday and mind you, there was order in the way they released them.   They even called me at home to confim the race numbers.   Wow, thanks for that gesture which gave me an impression that Coach Rio and his team are really paying attention to minutest details!  With this, we can look forward to a very organize run this Sunday!

Happy running to all of us!

with my badminton partner, Gordon

with my friend and badminton partner, Gordon
happy race bibs for the family

happy race bibs for the family


5 responses to “Wellness…Happiness

  1. Wow, coach rio is coming with his new resolution in being a race organizer this year. I haven’t register for this one but i’m thinking to go there and see you guys running.
    I’m sure running will help you much in doing other sports.

    I hope you’ll have a good time tomorrow morning.

  2. Wuhoo!, Anna the executive, hardly recognize you in your high-powered suit, you look so … uhm boss-like hehe but great contrast though from Anna the runner 🙂

  3. nice picture mam ana!

  4. next year magmemedal tayo sa bowling haha

  5. Anna, ikaw ba tong nasa picture? If I see you looking like this, I wouldn’t recognize you!

    Multi-talented ka pala. Congratulations!

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