Yesterday was an ordinary day…Jun and I drove to work together but since we were not able to run in the morning we both had running/work-out kits with us.

After work, I drove myself to our bank’s head office to park. Then, I went to run along the Bay Walk up to the CCP complex. When I was able to cover 5.11km, I opted to return so I will still have time to follow Jun in the gym. But, as I was fixing my things, Jun’s service car arrived. To my amazement, he was not there! The driver told me that Jun decided to run from his branch to head office.

Hmmm…I think that’s great…Although, we ran separately at least we did the same thing. My chinky eyes turned big and bright!!! He was hooked!!!


3 responses to “Hooked!

  1. annalene, how i wish the whole family could join our running lessons at the ULTRA Oval Track. pls find time to try on our Saturday morning worouts. hey, you look great with your pics at takbo.ph! regards to the running family!

  2. Hi BR,

    very soon, we will be joining you there! Its included in our future plans, too.

    btw, thanks for your kind words.

    take care!

  3. Hi Anna,

    It’s a passion among newbie runners. And we call it ADDICTION! Welcome to the club, Jun!

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