Takbong May Yabang

Bawat takbo, may kwento!

The Takbong May Yabang is a simple feel good no fanfare run organized by UPABAMYabang Pinoy. It was held in the UP Academic Oval where the race participants have to run along or against with other runners doing their regular Sunday run. Ample water stations were provided via self- service scheme. Runners were treated with flowing Activade after finishing the course.

Our family was there earlier than usual as the race kits were not released prior to race day so we have to give time for picking them up before the race. But we were not able to immediately find the parking space allocated for runners so we have to go around the UP campus before we settled at the back of Palma Hall. As we approached the registration area, I noticed there were several queues but releases were done in orderly way. I encountered no problem in claiming our race kits. We were given yellow caps and abaca wrist bands.

The race started 6:13 am after we were asked to count down from 10 to 1. We were instructed to do 4 loops in the Academic Oval. The directions were clear, monitoring of runners completing each loop was fine…on the first loop we were handed red ribbons, on the second loop, blue and on the third, yellow. In my second loop, I heard Rene of Runnex calling my name. That was great motivation, Rene. Thanks! Before my final loop, an angel in the person of Vener, Run Unltd., approached and ran with me…he was so patient with my pace. Then we saw Doray, the Doralicious and Eric, the Passion Runner. After a while, Vener increased his pace and I maintained mine. Thank you, Vener for the brief running company. As I was about to finish my final loop, Jun and the kids were already waiting for me. I was not able to attain my goal but I ran a bit faster this time. I finished the 8.9km in 1:05.

While resting, we were able to say hi to Bro J and Baby, Jinoe & Queenie, these lovely couples were running addicts, too.
Before the race

Before the race

the ultimate goal

the ultimate goal



Bro J and Baby

Bro J and Baby


Queenie and her friends

Queenie and her friends


13 responses to “Takbong May Yabang

  1. Hi Anna! didn’t know you were running this race. you looked slimmer and fitter in person than in the photos we took of you last December! nice form and pace during your run. congratz and hope to meet you again and family soon…

    • Hi Rene,

      Thank you! Takbong May Yabang is one of the two races we are joining this Feb. It was nice doing several loops in Academic Oval. Kung malapit lang sa min yan, nandyan kami weekly, hehehe.

      See you again soon!

  2. Hi Anna, it was nice running side by side with you kahit konti lang, I hope you enjoyed the UP route. Next time draft na tayo, hehe. Best regards and congratulations to the whole family.

    • Thank you, Vener!

      I really enjoyed the route and everything around there…ang babaw ko…pero grabe ang galing-galing mo… wala ka man lang katiting na hingal……. hanggang wish ko na lang i-draft ka kasi baka mag-collapse ako… hanap na lang ako iba…hehehe

      Thanks again! Regards to Christy!

  3. Hi Anna, thanks for the pictures. I hope you won’t mind if i grab them and post it to my site. Thanks. It was nice seeing you at the race.

  4. Hi Anna!

    Nice seeing you at the Takbong May Yabang… I recognized you from your picture on Takbo.ph πŸ™‚ Only to find out you were the Annalene from Bald Runner’s “Annalene’s Story”

  5. Hi Ms Anna!

    I am one of the organizers of this Takbong May Yabang. I hope you had a really great time running with Filipino pride.

    Congratulations for finishing 4 loops of UP Acad Oval!

    • Thanks for the visit, Ace!

      The Takbong May Yabang made our day! You’ve done a great job! Btw, when will be your next race?

  6. Anna! Sobrang slim to the max. ka na! Grabe ka ha. Running races for 3 consecutive Sundays already. Di ko kaya ang power mo, girl!

    I miss our hill run na . . .

    • Hi Nora!

      miss you and our hill run too!

      i think sa pix lang ako slim but not in person, i have to shed some pounds pa… konti na lang talaga, konting hingal pa…hahaha

      our next race will be Power Run on the 15th in MOA, how about you?

  7. I believe we will be doing it early next sem na. School mode muna kami, malapit na kasi mag Finals. We will give you the details as soon as we have completed our plans for the next Takbo.

  8. Hello Ms. Anna!

    I am Adz Garcia, co-officer of Ace and also part of Takbong May Yabang.

    I am so happy to read you blog. And yes, I remember giving you the race kits. hehe Thank you for being part of our ABAM’s first Takbong May Yabang. πŸ™‚

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