+7 = 500

please allow me to shout to the world…………… my 7+km run this morning completed my 500Km mark!

next target:  to reach 1,000km within the year!


9 responses to “+7 = 500

  1. Congratulations, Annalene! Just keep on running and before you know it, you have run 1,000 kms.

    • Hello Bro Ipe,

      You are right! Mileage can accumulate fast if we are enjoying what we are doing…syempre running yon….. Thanks a lot and see you soon!

  2. woohoo! way to go!!! 😛

    • Hi Bards,

      Thank you! Thank you! I want you to know that you inspired me to track my mileage. You motivated me to run and to reward myself for every 100km covered. Thank you for sharing the idea. I hope to see you in future races. Take care always!

  3. This is Rico/Eric shouting back: Congratulations (…tions… tions…tions). Those are supposed to be echoes 🙂

  4. Congratulations Annalene! First of many, many goals for you.

    • Thanks a lot, Wayne! This achievement may not be comparable to yours, but I am so happy. I am enjoying this “runner’s high”. Thanks again!

  5. woohoo go tita, para na kayong tumakbo mula manila hanggang baguio nang balikan with 500km hehe:D Go go 1000!

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