Power Run

This race lived up to its name!  A runner truly needed power to run and find the route to the finish line.  The marshals were not able to give correct directions so my children and I got lost and took the route of 15k runners.  But we were still able to finish with decent time despite added kms in our supposed 10k.  I think, its about time to upgrade to higher category. 

Through this race,  I learned that there’s nothing to worry when I got lost in the race and in real life because the Lord will send people to give me  encouragement as what the veteran 15k runners did to me this morning.  I want to thank them for their smiles and motivating words when I felt lonely running alone  not seeing any blue bib (for 10K) among the gold colored bibs (for 15K).

After running patiently while blaming myself for following the directions of the marshals, I finally finished the race and was able to reunite with my family.  I also met Vener, Greg, and new found friends Marissa and Benny.  We capped our morning with breakfast at Maty’s in Paranaque.

Right after our finish

Right after our finish

the family with greg

the family with greg

new friends marissa and benny

new friends marissa and benny



12 responses to “Power Run

  1. Anna congrats, you came first in blog recaps, ang bilis. Seriously, congrats to the whole family for finishing the power run. Nice meeting you this morning.

  2. thanks for the pic. see you on the road!

  3. Congrats on your great finish with your family!

  4. Hi Anna. I think I saw your hubby finished with the run and walking over alone towards the parking lot. I was still running though with 6kms more to cover. Hope to see you on the road again. Congrats on your run.

    • Hi Rico,

      Maybe sya nga yun, kasi he took our coleman with bottles of gatorade…naubos na aktivade sa finish line, ubos na rin laman ng hydration belts namin…hehehe… btw, I waited for you kaso sa sobrang pagod ng mga kids after running 12km++ nag-aya na agad for breakfast… next time na lang ha?

      anyway… you did great! congrats!

  5. Hi anna,
    wala akong masabi, full force talaga palagi kayo kung tumakbo! Well good people attracts good ones! God bless! See you around!

    • Hi Bro J,

      na addict na rin mga kapamilya ko, hehehe! na-o-op kasi yung di nakakasama, di maka contribute sa tsikahan, hehehe

      thanks for the visit and see you again soon

  6. Congrats on your run, Anna! Palagay ko kayang-kaya mo na half marathon next month. Hinog na and ready for the running.

    hope to bump on you soon.

    • Hi Rene,

      I hope so but ill give myself some more time to build up and prepare…

      Thanks for the visit and see you again!

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