Our Sunday Run

Yesterday was an ordinary Sunday except that Jun and I did our own version of run-about in Las Piñas.  From home, we ran along Naga Road, Tramo, C5 extension until SM Sucat.  Then,  we returned and entered Gatchalian Subdivision wherein we took a short “dinuguan and puto break” after our 7km mark. It was our first time in that carinderia and their food tasted so good or maybe I was already hungry.

From there, we walked for a while before running again to Naga Road and  CAA road.  We ran along Casimiro Road until we reached Zapote Alabang Road.  In this area, we had to slow down due to vehicle and human traffic.  We crossed Zapote Alabang Road and entered BF Resort Subdivision.  When we were there, I remembered Nora as that’s where we did our hill training.  After running through Gloria Diaz Street, we entered Philam Subdivision, another common ground for us.  On our way to our final destination, Manuela Subdivision, we opted to stop at Monterey Meatshop to buy something for our lunch.  We were able to cover a total of 14.61km with an average pace of 7.5 minutes per kilometer.

It was easy and leisure run. It was not just an adventure of sort but a very relaxing run.  I felt strong and proud of myself after the run.  We enjoyed the experience and we are looking forward to have more of it.


5 responses to “Our Sunday Run

  1. I liked running on a Sunday morning too especially when I’m not running on an Event Race. The one thing that can really alter my tempo is the Sunday People Traffic. It’s good though to note that a lot now engage in the outdoor on Sunday. It just doesnt mix when runners meet the walkers! Top that with the honks and carbon of the staled vehicles. Hahahaha.

    • Hi Mar.

      thanks for the visit!

      lets continue running on weekends as this can be a great preparation for another work week ahead

  2. hello… i’m from las-pinas too. i was suppose to run almost the same route except for the bf resort & philam subdivision last sunday. but i changed my mind the last minute & run in macapagal/moa area instead.

    see you in future runs!


    • Hi Rod,

      Thanks! Great to know that you’re from Las Pinas din pla… what subdivision? I hope to see you soon! Happy running!

  3. i’m from perpetual village kaya malapit lang sa amin ang c5 ext. 🙂

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