A Great Escape

I was curious about this phrase in the Greenfield City Run poster.  How could this be?  What could we expect to experience if we will join this run?  Whom and what are we going to escape in that great perspective?  I think I must join this race to discover and get the answers to all my questions.

But, would I get my husband’s approval?  The first time I mentioned that we could try the 21k in this race, he did not approved the idea.  He wanted us to prepare and train  some more.  I even persuaded him to have his half marathon before his 46th birthday next month but as of now, he has not given me a nod.   He told me that he can run by himself but he won’t have peace in his heart thinking about me running that distance.  He said that I might not be able to finish the 21k race as I have not tried that distance yet.  Well, this hardheaded but meek runner begged to disagree because I know how to pace and to walk if needed (hehehe).

This morning, I asked for signs and I got one when my brother from Laguna informed me of the race and asked me if the family will be joining it as he is contemplating on joining too.

Whew!  Well, I still have until April 13  to decide and register at a discount.


23 responses to “A Great Escape

  1. Hi Anna, if your aim is primarily to finish the distance, I think it can be done. All it requires are a test of endurance and a positive, hopeful mindset. Maybe in the coming weeks you can slowly build up your mileage in shaded UP and at one point try to run 21k or something close to it at a very relaxed pace, with short water and food breaks allowed. Once you are confident of finishing the distance, maybe you can try to do short runs in the 7-8am sun. The route is mostly flat but it is open. It can be sunny, but water overflows in a Rio race. Hope to see you and best of luck!

    • yes, Rico! thanks for the advise…I will test myself and decide before the deadline…typical Pinoy… hahabol sa last day of reg… hehehe

  2. Hmm… ganun ba. Register ka sa 21K pero sabihin mo na 10K lang yun. Then sa race day, kunwari na ligaw ka sa route. 21K pala. 😀

    • hahaha…. nakaka aliw naman yun, Jinoe!

      btw, I will give you two (2) Day Tour Certificates for Canyon Cove with validity until Dec 31, 2009.

      would you be in Pinay this Sunday?

  3. hi Anna, I think you can do it. The good thing here is that it will start early so d ka mainitan and less pollution pa for your lungs given its location. Plus, it’s organized by Rio so expect lots of water to assist you in completing this race. Good luck!

    • Hi Dennis,

      Thanks so much for believing in me… I guess if ever I will push thru with the Greenfield, your words will give me strength to push me thru the finish line.

  4. Pwede na yan Anna. Sabihin mo sa lakay mo, pwede na. 🙂

    seriously, just do long slow runs of 15-20k every sunday leading up to greenfields and your usual weekday runs, you’ll get through it.

    • Hi Rene,

      thanks so much… you know yesterday Jun told me that he will test my performance on April 6 (holiday yun) as we are planning to run in Amadeo…. would you like to join us?

  5. Hi Anna, Craig Logan here. Justin and I plan to tackle the 21k there at greenfields. It sounds like you have the right mindset to do wat it takes 2 finish. Since it’s ur 1st 21k, ur only goal is simply that…FINISH. While I try to have some personal goals for each race, I always have to take into consideration of having to push Justin and enjoying each opportunity to run with him. I think you can do it. Encourage your husband to “go 4 it”, I’m 49. 🙂

    • Hi Craig,

      Thank you for the visit and for the encouragement. You are right, I need to focus on my ultimate goal for my first 21k (if ever)……simply to FINISH!

      BTW, on our way home last night, my husband and I were talking about you and Justin. We have great admiration for you, as a good and loving father and as a passionate runner. You are such an inspiration! My husband also mentioned that if and when, he will run with almost the same pace with you, he will volunteer to push the stroller of Justin. I hope you will give him the honor to do it.

      Again, thank you and God bless.

  6. Hi Anna, i know without a doubt na kaya nyo na mag 21K, kaya lang you still need to convince your partner…. dont push it. Kapag nag long run kayo i-extend na nyo to 15-18 k or the whole 21k. Para ma build din confidence nya na kaya nyo. Rico’s suggestion was right.

    • Hi Bro J,

      thank you! hayaan mo… we will try to extend our long run so we can build our confidence some more. Please pray for us so we can make better judgment and decision together.

      btw, my daughter and I will be running in PIA this sunday but 5K lang. I hope to see you and Baby there.

  7. BTW, Swthrt and I will be at the PIA run this sunday. Hope to see you there! Keep on running!

  8. kaya na yan ms anna. 🙂
    me, after doing 1 10k and a handful of 5ks before condura. i just told myself, “bahala na si batman”.

    • Hi Rod,

      hahaha… thank you but you are younger and kilala ka ni Batman…………pag ako, baka si Popoye pa ang hanapin ko….. hehehe

  9. hi again, Yes, tell you husband it will by my privilege to let him push Justin. What pace is he running now? My pace for the 21k in Condura was 7:24km. Blessings, Craig

    • All right, Craig. I will tell him. For 10k, his pace is 6:08, I don’t know for the 21k, he has to try it yet.

  10. Hi Ana, you still got 23 days to think and train for it. Think and decide, 21km is not a walk in the park. But I hope to see you there though.

  11. >>btw, my daughter and I will be running in PIA this sunday but 5K lang. I hope to see you and Baby there.<<

    there you go again anna, 5k lang? free yourself from the 5k rut. do another 10 after the 5.. it will help build confidence if you plan to run the half. the april 6 holiday run is inviting. will txt you before hand if we’ll be available.

  12. How many 10Ks have you ran lately? If there are a number of them, I guess, you only need to build more mileage for endurance. I couldn’t agree more of their comments here. 🙂 However, if you yourself have still reservations regarding this 21k run, then, don’t do it yet. If your mind is ready…I guess the body will just follow. Running Shield told me this, I think. Good luck and do well! Go for the Finish Line, Meek Runner!

    • Hi Roselle,

      Thank you so much! I have done five 10ks already and I am thinking of joining the SlimeRun with 16k on the April 18 instead of the 21k in Greenfield. I have prior commitments on the 19th so to make my life simpler I have to forgo the Greenfield talaga. Maybe, its not time for my half yet.

      See you again.

  13. Hi, Anna. Have you decided yet whether to do the 21k or not? I absolutely emphatize with your situation 🙂 I had second thoughts myselft right up to the night before the Condura 21k, where I did my first half-mary.

    The lesson I learned is, as long as your mind is made up, you can do it. That’s the most crucial ingredient. Of course, it helps too if you’ve prepared, haha.

    I believe you can do it.

    Happy running!

    – MJ

    • Hi MJ,

      Thanks for letting me feel that its normal to experience this indecisiveness (running lang to ha but parang it’s a matter of life and death, kakatawa naman ako, hehehe)…well, maybe it’s not really meant for me yet…

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