Am I Ready For TNF?

Three more days and my much awaited TNF Trail Run will turn into reality.  Am I ready for first trail run?  Let me go through my checklist : 

shoes – ♥,  new pair of TNF Hedgehog GTX

socks – ♥, champion running socks (plus extra pairs)

sandals – ♥, old tribu will do

shorts –  ♥, new adidas baggy

singlet & bib  – ♥, c/o TNF

cap – ♥, my pink nike dry fit

off lotion & sunblock – ♥

hydration belt & gatorade – ♥

choco  & granola bars  – ♥

small back pack- ♥

whistle – ♥

road id – ♥

plus my garmin and heart rate monitor-♥

Now as to some basic information pertaining to the race proper:

Base Camp         :        Expo-Filipino Parking Lot

Check-in time :  1 hour before the race

Division                                               Race Schedule                     

100K solo                                             Start :  4:00am ; May 23  

                                                                          End  : 10:00am; May 24            

100K 2-person relay                       Start :  4:00am ; May 23

                                                            End : 10:00am;  May 24              

20K Individual                                  Start :  5:30am ; May 24

                                                            End  : 10:00am; May 24                     

10K Individual                                  Start :   5:40am ; May 24

                                                            End  : 10:00am ; May 24

 Organizer            :           Coach Rio dela Cruz


10 responses to “Am I Ready For TNF?

  1. annalene, nice choice of trail shoes. just remember to finish the race and “smell the roses” along the trail. good luck & bring your camera with you.

  2. ms. anne, I asked the same question when I registered for my very first TNF trail, actually you won’t feel the na jitters once you’re running and it’s good to get out of our comfort zone (road races) and try to run new challenges. I would be bringing my camera para picture-picture habang nasa trail. see you there. 🙂

    • Hi Let,

      i am mentally prepared for this race so i know i can make it to the finish line…. please include me in your picture-picture ha?

  3. anna, mukhang pang 100km solo na yang mga gamit mo, ah. whatever the distance, good luck on your run. kaya mo yan!:-)

  4. Hi Mam goodluck poh sa TNF100

  5. Anna, good luck to you and all the runners this weekend!

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