IE8 Run for the Kid in Me

When I was a small, I was never allowed to play outside more so if it is raining.  But last Sunday, when we joined the IE8 Run, the kid in me emerged as the race started.  It was my first race in the rain.  I was so happy, playful and jolly.  While running, I was praising and thanking the Lord for the  experience.  It was one of the magical moments in my life.  It was even reinforced by greatly organized race from start to finish.  I really liked this race.

My morning was even made complete when I saw my obese nephew finishing his first race ever.  I also enjoyed having brief talks with running friends like Gene, Que & Jinoe, and saying hellos to familiar faces like Vener, Ellen, Coach Rio, peeps and many more.

after my playful race

after my playful race

with my kids

with my kids

with jun & gene

with jun & gene

faye & gene

faye & gene

the family with jack & friend

the running family with jack & friend

jack & jun

jack & jun

with takbo peeps

with takbo peeps


7 responses to “IE8 Run for the Kid in Me

  1. Congrats Anna, another baptismal run for the entire family. Running in drizzle is very addictive, a good teaser for the upcoming milo elims race. The only difference is, it’s a downpour there. Good to see you again.

  2. gingerbreadrunning

    Wow nice Anna, always to run with the entire family 🙂 Specially in the rain 🙂 It’s a good experience for everyone to look back on 🙂


  3. Anna, this sounded like a lot of fun. I love running in the drizzle and in the rain just as long as it’s not sideways and hitting your face.

    Hope everything’s well. Take care and have a good week ahead!

  4. Hi Anna, it’s good you enjoyed running in the rain. Congrats to your family! We run on the other side of the road…Earth Run. Hope to see guys at Mizuno Run!

  5. Hi Anna. This time around, there’s no one to stop you anymore from running in the rain. Happy running 🙂

  6. Hey Anna,

    It was really fun to run under the rain. I also remembered the yesteryears.

    See you soon!


  7. Hi Ms Anna! Great catching up with you and sir Jun at IE. Hey you guys missed Mizuno?

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