Mizuno Infinity Run 2009

Last Sunday, after a week of no-run,  I was too eager to join the Mizuno Infinity Run 2009 .  But, when we arrived at the Fort, 15K runners were gone.  I was told that the race already started more than 5 minutes ago.   We were late!

Despite that  situation, Jun and I tried to catch up. On our first kilometer, we maintained our pace together but when Jun increased his pace I slowed down as I have to make sure I will finish this one.  As I ran alone, I dedicated my run to my God.  I  offered him thanksgiving and praises while running.  I also took this opportunity to test my patience and perseverance.  I tried to prove my self-worth and character as a person and not only as a runner.  I really love long distance running as I can sort so many thoughts and plans in my mind considering that I have to assume greater responsibilities at work few days from now.   

My Mizuno Race may not give me a better time as I officially clocked 2:08:45 which is even longer than my Slimmer’s 16K but the contentment and revitalization in my body and spirit made the difference.  It was also a great time seeing and saying hellos to running friends like Rene, Jinoe, Bards, Rico, Mar and many more.

with Rene (Jazzrunner) and my children

with Rene (Jazzrunner) and my children

with Rene, Jun, & Faye

with Rene, Jun, & Faye


14 responses to “Mizuno Infinity Run 2009

  1. > considering that I have to assume greater responsibilities at work few days from now.

    Hmm, as in you just got promoted? 🙂 Hehe, congratulations in order?

  2. Yeah, I suppose you’re in a deep contemplation during the race. I greeted you somewhere near paseo on my way back but it seems you didn’t notice me.

    Congrats. See you again.

    • hi Vener,

      Oh, I’m so sorry for that. Ibang level kasi mental state ko that day. Bawi na lang ako sa yo, ha? thanks!

  3. hi Meek Runner! I always enjoy reading your entries. You are an inspiration!!:)

    • Hi Lor,

      Thanks for dropping by! It’s so nice to have another mommy running and blogging…more power!
      and let’s be positive in all that we do…see you soon!

  4. Very nice. It’s okay, being late is such a massive distraction that you can only make the most of it. Congrats nevertheless on the finish, it can only get better. God Bless and hope to see you at the races.


  5. Hi Anna– the coffee was good this time and i enjoyed it. you had a decent time despite your late arrival.
    Regards to you, Jun and family!

  6. I can’t believe we missed each other during the Mizuno, Anna. I knew something was wrong when you didn’t reply to my text early that morning. Sayang talaga. Tagal na nating di nagkita . . .

    Congratulations for still running the race kahit late and of course, congratulations for that well-deserved promotion.

    Let’s see each other during the Robinson’s Run Okay?

    • Hi Nora,

      thanks so much! late na sa races late pa sa reply… got so preoccupied with work! I hope to see you soon.

      Im glad you’re back. Lets’ run this Saturday ( june 27) pm.

  7. Finishing a race with a new PR set was great but enjoying the race unmindful of the time was even better. To dedicate and praise God for the is the best. There will be more race to set new PR. Congratulations still for finishing the race.

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