Menshealth All-Terrain Race

It was our second trail race after the TNF 100 in Clark last month and we were all excited to join this Menshealth All Terrain Race (MATR).  This race promised to give runners adventures and challeges in the man-made trail prepared for this event.  Well, true enough, the MATR delivered its promises.  We enjoyed the maze-like trail and we have fun.  We met new friends again and  same old faces.  The frequent meeting and bumping with other runners developed some sort of bonding among runners turned friends.  

Now I would like to share some pictures taken which will vividly described our family’s experience.

upon our arrival in Sta Elena

upon our arrival in Sta Elena















jinoe and jun

jinoe and jun















into the sugarcane field

into the sugarcane field












jun with takbo peeps/friends

jun with takbo peeps/friends












june 09 025











with jun & mar

with jun & mar


8 responses to “Menshealth All-Terrain Race

  1. Hi Anna,

    Nice to have finally met you. I hope we didn’t derail you with our picture-taking pace. Maybe we should have a subgroup aside from!! Haha!

    • Hi Rachel,

      I am so happy to meet you guys! I love our picture-taking pace. In trail races, my primary objective is to enjoy and have fun. Running, laughing and posing with you made my MATR unforgettable. Thanks and see you again!

  2. nice pictures… so what do you enjoy more, running on the road or on a trail?

    • Hi Lor,

      Thanks! I love both road and trail running but I am enjoying the trail more. There is something in the trail that makes me feel strong, revitalized and free. I don’t know, I can’t really explain.

  3. Very nice pix thanks for sharing them with us! Always nice to run with family, I hope I could get my own family to run with me one day. Or kahit support group man lang hehe. Nice pix with the gang, hope to meet you at the races soon! 🙂

    • Hi Luis,

      Thanks a lot! If you want your family to run with you, first you must invite them come with you to races to take your pictures. Do not push or rush them to run. Let their interests develop with frequent involvement in your running activities. If you can feel that they are ready, invite them to jog/practice with you. Then, offer to register them in short distance race. Let them enjoy their run with no pressure whatsoever. After crossing the finish line, treat them to sumptuous breakfast. Goodluck!

  4. Hello Meek Runner,

    Nice meeting you on the road!

    Here is the link to your pic

    and here is the link to this wacky event!

    See you on many more races to come!

    The Argonaut

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