As one of our regular races, our family joined MILO MARATHON (MM) simply to run and have fun.  The MM did not disappoint us as these two basic considerations were attained in addition to having another productive bonding time with our family. 

However, we also experienced some not so pleasant incidents yesterday.   We even lost one of our hydration belts  (the latest I bought in Singapore).  The trouble all started as there was no traffic advisory given ahead of time.  Last Thursday, MILO routes were posted in the newspapers but the closure of main avenues going to the site was nowhere in the ads.  After several U-turns, and to avoid further delay, we decided to park near the CCP/Folk Arts side instead.

We reached the starting line more than 10 minutes after the 10K runners left .  The starting fire for 5K runners also sounded but runners were not moving.  It took the MC to shout and count three times before the crowd started to move forward.  We have no choice but to run with these 5k runners, most of them joined for fun or as required by their PE teachers so they were not really running but walking and chatting.  It  was difficult to overtake as they were blocking the way.    

At any rate, I tried my best to be not affected but the call of nature likewise disturbed me.  So I have to seek comfort from the public restroom near Quirino Avenue.  There was no water but it did not matter anymore as I need to pee otherwise I might not be able to finish my MM.

After that I continued running and then  I began to enjoy my run especially in going up the Buendia Flyover.  I loved the feeling and the experience.   Everything started to light up in my mind, in my body and in my spirit.  I also noticed some friends and I felt so happy doing what I love doing.

I crossed the finished line in 4 minutes past one hour and a half in the official timer.  Meaning, I need to do better next time. 

with my daughter faye

with my daughter faye









bautista kids

bautista kids









jun & i

jun & i


10 responses to “MY MILO DAY

  1. Hi Anna. Congratulations on the run despite what happened. Reading the different blogs, this is a huge event for the country. Nice photos of the family.

    Take care and have a good week ahead!

    Hello Wayne!

    Thank you!

    This race was the most participated so far and the oldest organized one. Well, its worth joining as we gained new experiences and lessons to learn.

    Take care always and happy running!

  2. it was nice to see you and jun at the Milo marathon. more than having a good finish time is to enjoy the race. see you soon. Run for Home?

    Hi Bro J,

    Thanks a lot. I missed to see you again after the race. How’s Baby? I have not seen her for some time. We will join the buddy run this Sunday thus not yet decided on the Run for Home.

  3. Hi Anna, thanks for the inspiration and cheers along the way. You really lifted my spirit. I hope we could see each other soon. Best regards to the family.

    Hi Vener,

    We’re so happy to see you when you’re about to complete your Milo Mara again. Congrats for the great finish and I hope to read your MILO Story again in its website. Take care and regards to Xty.

  4. Hi Anna, it was nice to see you and your family on your way back to CCP. Those two claps gave me the needed push to finish the last 1km without minding the cramps on both of my legs.

    Hope to see you again in future races.


    Congrats, Eric! Always remember that you are a great runner and you can conquer so much more…good luck and take care.

  5. Well said. I could relate too the ‘coming late’…hahahaha…As always, am glad of the positive effect of running in you and your whole family. Yours is an icon of how it is to be WHOLE. A family on the move…getting fit and better at it! A sight to behold.

    Congrats still for finishing. Speed would come soon.

    Thanks Mar and congrats too.

  6. gingerbreadrunning

    Very nice Anna. Having your family involved in the entire thing is truly admirable 🙂 Congratulations on the finish, it can only get better from here 🙂


    Thanks so much Luis! Lets continue to enjoy life thru running!

  7. hi ms anna!

    congrats sa whole family! you went home early after the race? di ka namin nakita eh.


  8. or we were just too slow to finish kaya di ka namin naabutan. =)

  9. Anna! Long time no see . . . The runaholic family did it again. Congratulations!

    Won’t be joining the Buddy Run anymore. Hope to see you in Run for Home. Will be running 10K–my third this year.

  10. runnerforchrist

    Congrats Anna and to your family. Some reasons why male runners can outrun his female counterpart is that, we can ‘pee’ anywhere, while you have to look for a shelter, killing most of your precious time.
    Sorry to hear about you hydra belt. keep running and inspiring people.
    God bless.

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