Tatakbo ka ba? Fun Run

I still believe that there is hope in our country especially if every citizen is  aware of his responsibility to uplift and improve his life and that of his family and community. But participation in this run is not enough or end all of our desire for clean and honest election for the betterment of our country.  We should not allow ourselves to be used by politicians for their personal gains and vested interests.  Every Filipino should live with integrity and discipline and it should be a way of life.  After this run and after all the talks and promises of the presidentiables, whats next?

By the way, our family registered in this fun run basically to run.  So upon reaching the venue,  we immediately proceeded to the starting area and prepared ourselves.  We saw the Bald Runner and he joined our family.  He looked good in his red and black outfit with his trademark scarf complementing the color of his tops.  A fashion statement truly fitting for the running icon alone.  While the opening ceremony was ongoing, we were able to exchange some thoughts with him and I even invited him to be the speaker in the first ever running clinic being organized by the new Running Club in the bank as many of the bank officers are runners too.  We hope it will be soon.

The race started a bit late and we found the starting line too crowded as some spectators/supporters were blocking the way. It was one of the most noisy race as there were so many young participants.  I enjoyed the route and happy about the performance of the police officers and marshals.  However, I observed that some some water stations ran out of plastics cups so runners took water from the lids of the containers.  Fortunately for me and my family, we have our own personal hydration belts so we need not depend on these stations.  As we approached the finish line, the atmosphere was festive as spectators gathered and waited for their favorite stars and celebrities.  But,  there was no visible watch nor timer displayed in the finish line.  The loot bags and freebies were plenty and everyone can enjoy them to the fullest.  It was a great race after all although we did not stay longer to watch the unity walk and other programs lined up by the GMA TV station.

After the race

After the race

with my two boys

with my two boys

free tshirt

free tshirt

free sling bag

free sling bag


One response to “Tatakbo ka ba? Fun Run

  1. hahaha! thanks for the nice description of me. i usually wear my best when i want ro run fast. keep me posted on your plan to invite me for the running lecture. thanks & regards to the family!

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