My First 1,000K

There was no fanfare, no photo op, no race but I accomplished what I wanted in a very simple and plain run in the rain with my partner for life…that’s how I attained my first 1,000K.

Last week, I was looking forward to join the Masters Run with the intent of completing my first 1,000K in that race  which I anticipated to be very enjoyable as it was organized by the Bald Runner.  And with my goal almost within my reach, I wanted to complete it  in a very memorable way, so full of excitement  I sent my representative to register me.  A night before the race, I prepared myself and my things for the race.  I sat the alarm and slept early.  However, at 3 in the morning, my partner told me that he is not feeling well but willing to accompany me to the race.  As much as I love to, I should prioritize my husband’s welfare before my run.  I told him we can forgo running the Masters as there will be next time.  Moreso,  the rain kept on pouring and the streets in our subdivision were already flooded so I thought that maybe there is another and better plan for me.  Maybe,  I really have to finish my target mileage in the meek and simple way.


18 responses to “My First 1,000K

  1. Congratulations Anna!

    Bili ka bagong shoes or running singlet 🙂

  2. Aba2..hard-core ka na rin, Anna!


  3. Still…run or no run, Congratulations! 🙂

  4. Congrats! Reward yourself! 🙂

  5. Congrats Anna! Ang layo mo na.

  6. Congrats on your 1000kms Meek runner… i’m still about 60kms short of my 1000kms for the year…

  7. Wow 1,000K! Congratulations! 😀

  8. 1,000KM deserves a great gift to yourself. Congratulations, Anna!

    • Thanks, Roselle! Ang hirap mag-isip ng gift from me… hahaha! Congrats din pla sa Milo San Pablo mo… I am so proud of you! cheelalu!

  9. Hard core na ang Anna! Blow-out naman dyan. Pano ko kaya malalaman na naka 1,000km na ako?

    Takbo tayo as soon as this cast is removed ha. Miss na miss ko na ang running. Lalung lalo na ang hill route natin.

    Regards nga pala from Kenneth.

    • Hi Nora! Miss you na ….its great nga that you are updating your site at least dun nakakabalita ako about you and your adventures… text me agad pag wala ka nag cast ha? Thanks so much!

      Please send my regards to Kenneth too.

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