Adidas KOTR 2009

Last Sunday, our family joined the Adidas King of the Road Race.  Initially, we thought of registering in the 21K category but due to lack of training and super hectic days these past few weeks, we opted to run in the 10K only except for my youngest child who remained in the 5K.

As we arrived in the Fort, the 21K started and the runners passed by us.  It took a while before we were able to park but thank God, one slot was still available for us.  After doing some bathroom rituals, we joined the runners in the waiting area.  There were so many runners so we positioned ourselves at the side almost at back of the pack .  When the starting gun sounded, it took us several minutes before we were able to cross the starting line.

The race route was familiar wherein we have to face the challenge of Buendia Flyover again.  The water and gatorade were overflowing.  The placards of La Salle Girls were encouraging.  It was a nice and enjoyable race for all of us.  


















4 responses to “Adidas KOTR 2009

  1. Sayang di ako nakahabol sa KOTR 2009. How are you Anna?

    I’m back running pero 5k lang muna. PT rehab pa ako ngayon (details in my blog).

    Hope to run with you again sa hilly route natin. How about Saturday?

  2. Congrats to your happy running family! Keep on running! Have a happy weekend!

    • Hi Bro J,

      I was so happy to see you and Baby doing a 21K last Sunday… I hope before the end of this year, Jun and I can also try that category… take care always and regards.

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