Run for Pasig River

The Philippine International Marathon (PIM) was the first race I joined when I knew nothing about running and racing yet. From treadmill, my PIM 5K was the very first long run I ever tried as I simply wanted to accompany my daughter in her pursuit for an outlet or sports to indulge.

A year after that run, I can no longer count how many races we have joined and participated.  Every race has a different story and memory in my heart.  I always get excited before every race, the passion never dwindle but keeps on burning. 

Last Sunday, ABS-CBN sponsored the Philippine International Marathon with a goal of running for the Pasig River.  I cannot contain my happiness as I looked back from where I started not to mention that running is now a family affair and a byword in our home.





4 responses to “Run for Pasig River

  1. Congratulations! PIM indeed is a well-organized run so far!

  2. Congrats Ana, PIM2008 was my first full marathon race too; same as you this is a reminiscing race for me. See you again.

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