7th Animo & Fit and Right

Last week, our family joined the 7th Animo Run sponsored by the DLSU Running Club.  It was a good and organized race participated mostly by students.  But I was not able to enjoy my first loop as I got easily tired.  Maybe this was due to the fact that I got no outdoor run within the week as my hectic schedule confined me to tread mill only.   Moreover, my performance was adversely affected by stomach trouble a day before.  At any rate, there were some good things that made me so happy that day, and one  of them was when I saw and met my good friend Nora (Life begins at 50).  Nora is an inspiration, not only in running but also in her disposition.  She has gone through many obstacles in life but she is still jolly, bubbly and very fun to be with.  I am glad she is back in races again.

faye & mom

jun & me

Courtesy of my friend, nora








This morning, we joined the Fit and Right Race, which I described as a commercial or advertisement race. If you will ask me why, I can give you two reasons.  First, the race started 30 minutes late to accommodate a pre-race program which started at 6 am (the supposed start gun).  Second, it promised a lot of freebies, and goodies for the finishers but 10K runners were not properly allotted.  Only the 3K and 5k runners were able to enjoy the loot bags.  The water stations provided for one round only, no more water replenishment for the second loop of 10K runners.  The good thing about the race was the good coordination with marshals/traffic enforcers which gave runners a level of comfort and safety along the way.

with Sam and Jun before the race









This race also allowed me to run side by side with Rene (Jazzrunner). I was just so lucky that he was doing a recovery run and not bothered by targeting a new PR.  Well, in running, one will really find new and true friends who will not only cheer and boost your morale but will accompany you till the finish line.  He even patiently waited for me when I took a toilet break.  We talked about running, our families and future running plans.  Thanks Rene for a good run.

with mr. leo valdez









After the race, I was even treated to another “one for the record” surprise which I will keep in my heart forever.  Well, this morning  I was awarded by the BALDRUNNER of a 1,000Km Finisher Tshirt.  I was really so happy and was not able to contain my joy that  I even paraded in the MOA grounds with that shirt. What a way to end the race! Thank you so much, BR!  More power to you and to your projects. Rest assured that I will support your upcoming BDM 2010 in whatever way I can. 

with BR and the proud recipient of 1,000Km Finisher Tshirt


8 responses to “7th Animo & Fit and Right

  1. Anna! I’m so very happy I saw you at the Animo Run. I really thought everybody’s running with Papa Piolo hehe…

    Congratulations for being a certified member of the 1,000km club which I will never get the chance to join (one of the many disadvantages of being a low-tech runner hah hah . . . )

    Will be joining the BF Run this Dec. 13. Still convincing my therapist to run 10k with me.

    Hope to see you there. Regards to the whole runaholic family.

    (touched naman ako sinabi mo about me. thanks, Anna!)

    • Hi Nora,

      Thanks so much! The family will be joining the BF Run… sayang naman if we will miss it eh sa likod lang ng subdivisions natin…

      See yah! Take care!

  2. Congrats Anna and to the whole family!

  3. thanks, anna for your commitment to support the BDM 102. you look great with your Finisher’s Shirt..wear it with pride!

    • Thanks BR! In addition to looking great, I feel great with that Finisher’s Shirt. BTW, would 5 boxes of gatorade and 5 boxes of propel aacceptable?

  4. Ms Anna Congratulations for completing your first 1,000K! I agree with BR, the shirt looks good on you! 🙂

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