BF Pasko Run

The Village Sports Club sponsored the first Fun Run inside BF Paranaque this morning.

As we are residing barely 10 minutes  away from the venue, we decided to join and registered last week.  I opted for short 5K considering my hectic and tight schedule this yuletide season.  Last night, we even had our Christmas Thanksgiving Party in the GSP – Ministry of Lectors and Commentators, which I am the coordinator .

The race promised to be a good one as it was the first race we joined with a priest for the opening prayer.  I also felt comfortable meeting and chatting with running friends before the start.  My friend Nora was ever ready with her camera and we had several shots, too.

As the starting gun fired, I ran at my own pace until I came at the cross road with directional marking for 10,5 and 3K.  I mistook the sign and went to the road going to Southland which is intended for 3K.  After running for 1.75Km, I noticed that I am on my way going back to The Village Sports Club.  At this point, I asked the marshal what direction to take so I can trace the route of the 5K.  He asked me to turn right and on that road, I felt I was running alone, there was no one to follow, there was no sign of runners ahead of me.  But when I looked back, there were some runners following me so I decided to continue without hesitation. Several minutes passed before I met the security guard who confirmed that I am on the right track.

It was my first race in the neighboring subdivision and it was also my first time to get lost. I covered 6.5KM instead of 5KM. After finishing my race, I wondered what happened to my daughter as I was not able to see her at once when I crossed the finish line, knowing her, that was unusual.  Several minutes passed before she arrived smiling, but I can feel she was not happy.  She later related to me that she likewise got lost but instead of taking the 3K route, she took the 10K.

To be positive on that incidents, we both agreed that we need that mileage in preparation for future runs.


4 responses to “BF Pasko Run

  1. Hi Ms. Anna,

    We also had some friends who got lost at the intersection of Aguirre and El Grande.

    I also heard that one runner had an accident and almost got hit by a Revo at the intersection of Tropical and El Grande.

    By the way, it was a pleasure to meet you yesterday . =)

  2. Anna – I commend your attitude.

    Regards Mark & Tiffin

  3. Hi Anna, was nice seeing you there, I actually ran parallel to you for a couple of moments 🙂 Nice that you keep the postivity going when it’s so easy to whine and gripe :)Good race, I enjoyed the experience 🙂 See you again soon!

  4. Hi Anna, haven’t seen you for a while. Good attitude! You have a good reason to rejoice! Congratulations!

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