The Bull Run 2010 is my family’s first race this year.  All of us including my youngest child did the 10K.  It was his first attempt to conquer a distance longer than 5K.  When he requested me to register him in that category, I lovingly obliged despite some doubts and apprehension.  Well, the time to judge his capability came this morning.

Prior to the race, we invited him to pace with anyone of us but he declined.  He assured us that he can finish it alone, no matter what.  I wanted to believe that the “never-say-die” spirit of my husband and I is already embedded in the character of my youngest child.  Moreso, I know deep in my heart that he will be as strong-willed and independent as his two siblings.

Going back to the race, I can say that the Bull Run 2010 is a very good starter for the year.  I am very happy about it. The organizers were able to attend to the minutest details from the registration with door to door delivery option at reasonable price, good quality singlets, knowledgeable race marshals, ample water stations, and safe route.  I hope most of the runners were likewise satisfied. The only downside, and a bit discouraging was the very long queue for the giveaways which we decided to forgo.  I hope the results will be available within the week to make this race a nearly perfect one not only for me but more importantly for my youngest child who finished it too.

Before and after the race, I also found happiness in meeting and talking with some friends like Dennis and Andrei, Bro J and Baby, Rico, Geraldine, Jess and Mon.  But of course, the primary source of my joy is my family and the pleasure of running with them.  Thank you, Unica Ija for pacing with me.


4 responses to “BULL RUN 2010

  1. Congrats, Ana and family! 😉 Kudos also to your youngest child who finished his first 10k race. More races to go!

  2. Thanks so much, Roselle! I saw your pix during the HF Christmas Party and inggit ako…I hope I can join you next time …

    Take care and see you soon.

  3. congratulations! although i did not run the event i’ve observed that the race is far better than last year’s edition. i ran the whole course 30 minutes after the race started. regards to the family!

    • Thanks for dropping by, BR!

      May I also add that the race started on time, another plus point for this race this time.

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