Condura Run 2010, Mabuhay!

The Condura Run lived up to its name and promises to registered runners. It was definitely superb. I doubt, at this point, if there would be any other race which can be at par or come closer to it.  From the start to finish, we were treated and taken cared of very well. 

The registration and releases of race bibs were organized and commendable despite minor glitches such as omission of the bar codes in the bibs.  The problem was promptly addressed, and no less than Mr. Ton Concepcion acknowledged and replied to my email about the correction I made on the race bibs of my husband, children and me. We all registered and ran the 21K.

As to the race proper, it started on time with fireworks ushering the countdown.  The route was very challenging.  The Skyway Hill was wonderful adventure and I can now confirm that conquering it made me a champion all the more.  The bands and inspirational quotes did magic in my tired body. The water stations were all over the route and its supplies (water and 100plus) overflowed from the start to the end.  The marshals were all knowledgeable and courteous.  The “ and Reinier” Aid Station was such a hit not only for the bananas but for the cheers, motivation and photo ops it provided.  An Aid Station like this was such a big help for runners.  Thank you Mr. Amado, Jinoe, Que and all the volunteers.  On my way back along Kalayaan Flyover, how could I forget that when I felt exhausted and ready to give up, I heard the voice of Patrick Concepcion encouraging me to go on.  He called my first name and even patted me while saying “Go Anna, Go!”  This sounded like music to my ears and I was moved by his act of kindness.  I got a rush of positive energy and decided to continue running until the finish line. Thank you, Patrick for the attention and encouragement to the meek runner. 

After crossing the finish line, I am a proud half marathon finisher conquering the Skyway and running the long route from the Fort to Bicutan.  I was not be able to get my medal as another problem came up with the logistics of the organizers, but it did not bother me a bit, what matter most is the experience I got which nobody can take away from me.  It is also worth mentioning that the results were posted online right on the day of the race.

Congratulations to Ton and Patrick Concepcion, Rudy Biscocho and to everyone behind this endeavor.  Thank you for adding colors to our passion.  Mabuhay!

 I love life!  I love running!  I love running with my family and friends.


4 responses to “Condura Run 2010, Mabuhay!

  1. Congratulations to the whole family anna. Sooner or later you’ll get to have the feel of completeing a full marathon. God bless your family. Hope to see you guys!

  2. Congratulations friend! Let’s get ready for our Dream Marathon.

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