Nuvali TNF Thrill of the Trail

We celebrated our Valentine’s Day yesterday with extra ordinary fun, thrill and adventure as the family joined the Nuvali Trail Run.  It was really awesome, unforgettable and magnificent experience.   

We were asked to climb the never-ending slopes and to descent the slippery road going to the river. At first, I never thought I would find it challenging as I have with me the familiarity of living in the province and playing in the river.  But as the route gets longer while running with wet socks and shoes filled with pebbles and sand, I began to doubt my background and powers.  However, with  my husband by my side and my innate love of nature , I conquered the trail with ease and enthusiasm.  I would also forever treasure in my heart the joy of receiving a rose after crossing the finish line.  How sweet, TNF.   

The occasion was made even more memorable when my kids and husband treated me with a bouquet of roses.  It’s really wonderful to be loved.   Love increases my joy of each day.  It gives me an edge, a little freedom to do and go after what I want.   

starting to explore


rough road


traffic going down




sun rise




getting wet, part 1


rock baby rock


getting wet, part 2


getting wet, part 3


done with the river


now, the barrier




with jaymie (tbr), tiffin , jun and francis m

forever, my babies!



4 responses to “Nuvali TNF Thrill of the Trail

  1. congrats mam 🙂

    it was a great trail run ! 🙂


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  3. Wow! Congratulations for conquering the trails! I so love to join the event, but my angel does not want to join 😦

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