Thank You, Amazing Kidney Race!

Yesterday was like ordinary Sundays or race days for our family except that we left our home an hour earlier to pick up my eldest child in her dorm to run with us.  We arrived early at the venue but the supposedly starting time was moved 30 minutes behind the schedule due to some technical problems.     

I took that opportunity to warm up and later to chat with friends like Neville, Dhang and of course with my children.      

At around 6:30 A. M. , when most of the runners were restless and impatient, a simple ceremony and acknowledgment of sponsors took place before the count down.       

In my first loop I ran with my youngest child.  We were happy running together but after a while he complained of the scorching heat of  sun and lack of water station along  Katipunan area. I offered my hydration belt but he said I might it need later.  He even asked me to go ahead as he will rest for a while.  I continued with my run but the heat started to affect me too.  I was even tempted to stop after the first loop (7.5KM) considering that I have several good reasons to justify if ever I will DNF.  I could claim I was too tired a day before after running 80 mins in TBR Bull Session and playing four hours of badminton.        

But knowing myself very well, I would not allow that to happen, I never give up easily.  I always finish what I started so I decided to continue and to treat this as another long run in preparation for my dream marathon in May.  I patiently ran the heartbreak hills, and endured the heat  until I finally crossed the finish line.  It was my worst 15K but I was able to reinforce my character.  I was able to grow to be a better person.     

In addition, I was awarded a medal too, which I wanted to interpret as a recognition of the fighting spirit of a true runner deep inside me.   I think it  is a very good tool and motivation to start anew, to dream big  and to strive more not only in races but in life as well.     

Thanks Amazing Kidney Race for being an opportunity to further strengthen and test my principles in life.     

the mother hen with the kids


waiting for the announcement


I finally made it!


Thank you for making my day!





7 responses to “Thank You, Amazing Kidney Race!

  1. Congratulations. That was a difficult 15K because of the heat.

    • Hi Mark,

      Thank you very much! Congrats to the 6th and 2nd placers. You’re really the super speedy husband and wife team. Take care and see you again in races.

      Regards to Tiffin!

  2. Congrats Anna. Good luck on your training for your upcoming full marathon.

    • Hi Vener,

      Thanks so much! I am so happy for your accomplishment in BDM102. The path I took yesterday cannot be compared to your lifetime achievement as ultra runner. Congrats again. Take a rest for now and more power!

  3. Congrats ana, nice seeing you at the Bull Session last weekend. Keep on running! See u!

  4. Hell Ma’am! Just passing by and saw your entry. I was one of the organizers of the race and I would like to say (although a belated one) thank you for joining. Personally, it gives me great joy to see that there are people who were able to enjoy it. Your story inspired us to continue to make this even better in the future. I do apologize for the lapses that have happened and any inconvenience we have caused. Once again, many thanks and we hope to see you!

    • Hi Jico.

      In life and in running, we must learn from experience whether it might be good or a bit painful. There could be minor glitches along the way but what is important is our ability to cope and bounce back for the better. With positive attitude, we can improve ourselves and our crafts.

      Thanks for the visit and good luck on your next events.

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