Globe Run for Home

On March 20, 2010, our  family ran in the Globe Run for Home.  It was a race which was able to generate and donate P1M for the Habitat for Humanity. Therefore, runners were able to help build homes and rebuild lives!  

I was not in my best condition that day but the thought of being a part of this race perked me up.  I was further encouraged to go on when the excitement of other runners  in the starting line rub-off on me.  

The race was the first to be organized and held in Makati Business District.  The route led us to the Fort up to the Heritage Park.  I found the course  challenging even though we had run and tried this before from the opposite direction.  Thanks that there were plenty of marshals, and abundant water/beverage stations to keep me going.     

One thing I observed during the race was the affirmation that kindness is one among the best characters of runners.   I witnessed a scenario when one runner leaped as he can hardly move his legs, then suddenly another runner stopped and offered his handkerchief to be tied to the leg of the ailing runner.  What a sight to behold, a good Samaritan still exists in this present time.   

Running and racing gave me the opportunity to meet new friends. Through this Globe Race , I was able to gain new friend again in the person of Recy from San Miguel.  We ran together up to the finish line.   After the race, we met the Happy Feet gang led by Dhang.  In general, this was a good race and we had a lot of fun.  

in the parking lot



After the race


With Recy


with happy feet gang led by Dhang






3 responses to “Globe Run for Home

  1. Hi Ma’am Anna,

    It was nice seeing you at the race. Natutuwa talaga ako sa family nyo, running together being a special bond 🙂

    I’m hoping makahabol pa kami ng hubby ko sa Mizuno registration, para we can have our own race together din 🙂

    See u po sa next races and sa Hongkong! 🙂

    • Hi Dhang,

      Thanks for the visit. I hope you and your hubby can make it in Mizuno. Are you joining Mon in the Pioneer to Antipolo Run this Thursday?

      See you again in races!

  2. Di na po ako makakasama sa Run to Antipolo eh. Need ko na po mag-ayos ng mga gamit ko na empake na. pagdating po kasi ni hubby, iuuwi na namin sa house nila sa Pampanga most of our stuff. By May po kasi, alis na ako to HK.

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