Mizuno Infinity Run 2010

Our family registered for the Mizuno Infinity Run 2010 with the goal of surpassing or beating our individual time last year.  However,  weeks before the race, my second child decided to join the Speedo Aquathlon in Ayala Alabang instead.  There, he was able to prove himself by finishing 5th although it was only his second attempt at the sport.  Congratulations son, I am so proud of you.   

Going back to Mizuno Race,  my husband and I agreed that this will be our long run for the week in preparation for the TBR Dream Marathon.  So we went to the Fort early to get good parking and to prepare ourselves well before the race.

At the starting line, the excitement of fellow runners were rubbing off on me but I refused to be carried away as I already set my strategy of using the Galloway’s run-walk-run method in this race.  Before reaching the 2km mark, my husband told me to run ahead as he felt pain in his ankle.  He took a walk break ahead of time.   Without hesitation, I proceeded as I knew deep in my heart that he can follow soon and would even pass by me. 

While running, I noticed a lot of improvement in this Mizuno Infinity Race.  Gone were the days when runners tagged the Mizuno race as “mizunog” due to lack of water stations.  For this year, there were plenty of water and Gatorade stations.  There was even a water shower to cool the runners.  I also noticed the kilometer markers located at the right places.  The marshals were knowledgeable and helpful.  I enjoyed every moment of my run despite disturbance in my tummy.  I thought I can finish the race without looking for toilet but I was wrong.  So, right after crossing the South Super Highway, while running with the Logan Family, I have to excuse myself  to proceed to nearby gasoline station.  There, I asked the gasoline boy if I can use their restroom to which he gladly obliged and even ran very fast to show the way, get the key and open the door for me.  After a while, I was relieved.  What a wonderful feeling. I felt stronger.

I continued my run using the Galloway method but there were some instances when I needed to check my time and gave instruction to myself to run or walk since I cannot hear the beep of my Garmin due to noisy vehicles along the way.  Nevertheless, I enjoyed this race and I was able to slash 11 minutes from my time last year. 

In this race, I experienced myself the following benefits of walk breaks:  

1.  I was able to control my level of fatigue.

2.  I was able to break the distance into manageable units.

3.  I got no aches nor pains.

4.  I felt good after the race.

Till next year, Mizuno!

about to finish my 15K

with Jess of Happy Feet

with Jun

with my kids

post race breakfast at Mc Donalds


One response to “Mizuno Infinity Run 2010

  1. Congratulations anna, great job!

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