Takbo Para kay Kristo

This morning we joined the Takbo Para Kay Kristo Prayer Run to show our support to our Parish Priest, Fr. Gus o’Driscoll and of course to the GSP Parish Youth Commission. 

Yesterday, I felt that the race will just be a simple one and maybe not so organized.  I made this early conclusion as this was the first race we joined wherein despite our early registration, the race packets were not given but will only be released on race day.  Honestly, I was not comfortable with the arrangement because its been my habit to prepare all my things, race bibs included, the night before the race.

However, I told myself, since this run is organized by the youths of the diocese with the blessings of the priests and Bishop Jessie,  then I should not expect so much, rather I should understand them and give them my support in whatever way. 

Now the final verdict:

Race Packets Releasing :  Simple but very organized.  There were different queues in alphabetical order per category.  I was able to claim our packets hassle free and in just a few minutes.  Correct sizes of T-shirts were provided too.

Race Distance:  Based on my Garmin, it is over by 0.67M thus the total 5K got a measurement of 5.67K.  No complaint!

Race Route:  Challenging and exciting.  They closed the roads for us.  They considered the safety of runners.  Thanks!

Water Stations: Just enough located at 2.5K mark and after the finish line.

Marshals and directional markings:  I noticed few marshals along the road but there were several bike marshals monitoring the runners.  The markings in the 3.5K reads – Straight to Finish Line.  Whew, that’s still a little farther to FL!

Well, this was a good race for me and my family.  My daughter almost made it to top three again, but this time she came in fourth only.  At any rate, she won in the raffle with GC worth 1,500 from Slimmers World.  Not bad!

After the race, other GSP church mates joined us for some photo ops.  The commission of liturgy was represented in the race as we have runners from the choir ( OLPR),  Lectors and Altar Servers.  Praise God!  The simple and community prayer run was a success!

From the Good Shepherd Parish



OLPR Choir





Running Family


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  1. i tagged you in Facebook. You can grab the pictures.

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