Mother Caterina Roncalli Shelter Home – My TBR Dream Marathon Beneficiary

As we signed up for our first marathon, Jaymie, The Bull Runner,  started to pamper us with Bull Circles and Bull Sessions.  These were very good avenues to emotionally, mentally and physically prepare the runners.   

In our first Bull Circle, I was inspired by Anton Diaz when he related how he made his first marathon more memorable as he ran it for a cause.  He said he selected a beneficiary who will be the recipient of  pledges from his friends for every kilometer he will be able to cover.  I told myself, why not?  I can also try this.  I have generous friends who are supportive of my running and will not refuse to support my worthy cause.     

With that in mind, I drafted my solicitation letter even with no beneficiary in mind yet.  But on the same day, I received a text message from my cousin asking assistance for the Mother Caterina Roncalli Shelter Home (MCRSH), an orphanage in my hometown.  She mentioned that the Sisters there are taking care of  30 orphans and abandoned girls. Since, the orphanage is not popular, there are no regular and big benefactors and got no sufficient budget to provide for the needs of the girls.  

I did not make any commitment but I can feel the need to help the girls. So, I finalized my letter with peace in my heart as if God has spoken through this turn of events.  My training and preparation went on smoothly while pledges and donations keep coming.  

Two days before the “BIG DAY”, I got sick but with full determination to be a  marathoner and to be a channel of His blessings for the  girls of MCRSH,  I told myself  I cannot give up now.   Then, I asked prayers from relatives and friends, took the much-needed rest and on 22 May 2010, I was able to accomplish my mission.     

I made it! I finished my first marathon! I finished it with my family.   

With that, I made the accounting of all pledges/donations and delivered the checks to Mother Caterina Shelter Home with my family.  I felt so happy and blessed.  


To all my friends and donors, thank you very much.  May the Lord reward your generosity with more blessings.  By the way, I gave your name to Sister Maritza and she promised to include you in her prayer always.  Mabuhay kayo!   

MCRSH girls


Till next Kms!


One response to “Mother Caterina Roncalli Shelter Home – My TBR Dream Marathon Beneficiary

  1. Just saw your blog, congratulations! This is so awesome! I’m also trying to do the same & my mother in law lives in the area & mentioned this orphanage & they’re now building a school next to it. I need more info to present to my organization. Can you provide me with some info please? Thank you so much!

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